TRU Science


As one of the purposes of this certificate program is to allow the student to become more comfortable with computers the preferred method of submitting assignments is via electronic media. This could include:

  1. Direct Email or Email attachments. To send in assignments, direct them to Michelle Virdee at .
  2. Computer disk. Assignments can be completed on a computer disk and mailed to TRU. Depending on the software used to create the assignment, the course facilitator will be able to read it but may or may not be able to put corrections directly on the disk. If direct disk corrections cannot be made then written comments on the assignments will be forthcoming.
  3. Failing availability of the above two means of submitting assignments, typed hard copy will be accepted.

Please Note:
Students who are able to access the TRU homepage will be able to access a "chatline" Web board set up for students of this course. The only people who will have access to this chatline will be the course facilitator and the AWCP students. The student and course facilitator will be able to post questions and comments about the course and carry on conversations with the whole (virtual) class or individual members.