March 20-22, 2020, at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops

Topics and Speakers


The 2020 First Annual Respiratory Therapy Evidence-Based Practice in Primary Health Care topics are:

  1. Home ventilation and oxygen therapy
  2. Airway management
  3. Multidisciplinary/ transdisciplinary teams
  4. Point of care diagnostics
  5. Chronic disease management
  6. Behavioral change
  7. Sleep-disordered breathing treatment and diagnostics
  8. Advance care planning and palliative respiratory change
  9. Networking
  10. Licensing and regulation


Speakers and their topic:

Diagnostic Stream:

Cael Field - Quality Improvement

Patrick Cho - Mouthpiece ventilation... What, Who, When, and When?

Catherine Sanders - Infection Prevention and Control: Best Practices in Home and Community Care

Esther Khor - Psycho-social Aspects of Caregivers Supporting Ventilated Assisted Individuals in the Community

Karla Kuzmich - Benefits of Lung Volume Recruitment and Cough Assist Device in Neuromuscular Disorders

Sherry Shea - PROP Eligibility Criteria for Home Mechanical Ventilation Services in BC

Lily Cheung - Home Ventilation Guidelines, Trends, and Strategies

Lisa Lee - Pulmonary Hypertension - Sponsored by Bayer

Shaila Jiwa - TB Types - Sponsored by TB VETS


Therapy Stream:

Edward Ferstal - Home Oxygen Therapy - Sponsored by Medpro Respiratory

Carolyn McCoy - Primary Care Network/ CSRT initiatives

Mike Macaulay - Devices

David Ciriani - Mandibular Advancements Devices and Sleep

Michelle Funk - Palliative Care

Lisa Thibeault - "Addressing Canada's COPD Epidemic - New Options in Post-Exacerbation Therapy" - Sponsored by Trudell Medical


Sleep Stream:

Steve Archer - CPAP Modes, Compliance, and Follow-up in the community - Sleep Solutions


If there are any suggested/requested speakers, email us to let us know!

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