Conference Team

This conference is brought to you by the BCSRT, CSRT, and a group of Respiratory Therapy students at TRU, as well as an overseeing body of Registered Respiratory Therapists.

The advising body includes:

  • Alexa McMillan - BSc, RRT, CRE, CTE
  • Cael Field - RRT, BHSc, MA
  • Carolyn McCoy - BHS RRT, FCSRT, CAE
  • Chris Maki - RRT
  • Danielle McDonagh - RRT, BSc, BA
  • George Louvros - RRT president
  • Janine Rostron - RRT, CRE, CTE
  • John Andruschak - RRT(A), CHE, MHA
  • Les Matthews - RRT(A), MA
  • Matt Stubbings - RT, AA
  • Mike MacAulay - RRT, BSc
  • Scott Vigiotti - RRT, MBA
  • Tina Hsu - RRT BHSc
  • and others

These students who have dedicated long hours of volunteer work are:

  • Anant Gill
  • Andrew Wain
  • Brittany Lukocs
  • Hailey Strong
  • Lindsey Nguyen
  • Faye Abary
  • Meg Davies

Any questions about the conference can be answered by these students at the time of the event. Feel free to say hi and introduce yourself to these hardworking, dedicated future RTs.