TRU Science

Fast Track Diploma Requirements

This option is for applicants who have a degree (preferably BSc within the last five years) and would like accelerated access via direct entry into the second year of the diploma.

Applicants who meet the fast-track admission requirements are ranked and selected for acceptance according to the following:

  • cGPA of last 60 credits of undergraduate degree
  • The number of years required to complete the degree
  • The number of successfully completed science courses
  • The match between first-year diploma courses and your undergraduate degree courses (biology, statistics, physics, English, etc.)

The number of seats is limited.

The number of fast-track seats depends on:

  1. The number of successful students from first year who choose the diploma stream.
  2. The number of students in the third year dual credential stream.

These two cohorts make up the pre-clinical year, and that number can't exceed 80 students.

Applications for the fast-track option should be submitted by Feb 1.

If applicants are not accepted into the fast-track option, they may be assessed and possibly offered a seat in Year 1, providing they meet the program's minimum education requirements. Fast-track transcripts will be assessed for Year 1 transfer credits. Please be aware that post-secondary courses supersede high school courses.

The fast-track applicant should be notified of their acceptance/denial in early March. If accepted, the applicant normally receives a conditional acceptance into the fast-track program, subject to the successful completion of the distance courses listed below. All these courses must be completed by the time the student enters the fall semester. One final exam may be carried over to Open Learning's September writing of final exams. Do the courses in the following order: Medical Terminology, HLTH 2511 or RESP 1781. Leave RESP 1761 as the final course. Lab work associated with RESP 1761 will occur during the first week of classes.

RESP 1761 Pulmonary Physiology and Introduction to Ventilation
RESP 1781 Respiratory Therapy Equipment
Moodle course RT Medical Terminology
HLTH 2511 Introduction to Pharmacology

Successful completion of the courses requires a minimum of 50 percent on the final exam and a minimum of 60 percent in the course overall.

The distance courses are delivered through Thompson Rivers University - Open Learning. For more information and to register for the distance courses listed above, refer to the TRU-OL website.

Investigate the TRU-OL exam dates to determine when you can write your final exam each month. Students enrolled in the above online courses must register for final exams at least one month prior to writing.
» Examination dates for online final exams

Note: The courses listed above are for fast-track students only or for students who have been given approval by the RT department. If students are declined a seat in fast-track and accept a seat in first year, they will need to register in the face-to-face RESP courses. If you register for these courses and successfully complete them prior to being accepted into the fast-track stream, it does not guarantee you a seat in the program.