TRU Science

Admission Requirements

You must meet the minimum educational requirements for the program option you are applying for. These educational requirements should have preferably been obtained within the last five years. As the program has become very competitive, you may need to exceed the minimum requirements in order to gain acceptance. Contact admissions if you have questions.

Educational requirements

Education completed outside Canada

If you are a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen but did not complete your high school or post-secondary education in Canada, you will need complete the following prior to applying for the RT Diploma:

All admission requirements must be submitted to Admissions by Feb. 1. Only complete applications will be processed.

Requirements upon acceptance which are due by Aug. 30

  1. Attendance at a program information session is mandatory. Contact Program Assistant to register.
  2. A valid CPR-C with AED certificate must be provided.
  3. Criminal Record Check (CRC).*
  4. TRU Immunization forms.*

*These forms will be emailed to you by the respiratory therapy program assistant.