TRU Science

Admission Requirements

  • BC Grade 12 or equivalent or Mature Student Status
  • Foundations of MATH 12 or Pre-Calculus 11 or equivalent with 67 percent or higher
  • BC Physics 11 or Physics 0500 or equivalent (see note below)
  • English 12 with a 73 percent on the combined English 12 and Government Exam (within the last five years)
  • or Level 4 on the composition section of the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) (within the last two years) or completion of English 0600 with C+ or better or completion of ESAL 0570 and ESAL 0580 with C+ or better

Note: Students need a strong background in physics and math. Those applicants whose math and physics requirements are more than five years old and other applicants whose math and physics skills are weak should consider "refresher" courses in these subjects prior to applying for the ARET program.

Note: It is expected that students will arrive with basic computer literacy skills such as file management, basic word processing, etc.

Consult course descriptions for ENGL 1100 prerequisite requirements.

If a passing grade is achieved in ENGL 1100 without the C+ minimum, the student must enroll in CMNS 1850 to fulfill EDDT/ARET graduation requirements.

Consult course descriptions for Math 1000, MATH 1140 and MATH 1240 prerequisite requirements.

MATH 1540 (or MATH 1000) and MATH 1640 (or MATH 1140 and MATH 1240 or MATH 1200 and MATH 1210 from Open Learning) must be completed to fulfil ARET graduation requirements. As of September 2013, the Math prerequisites for this program will be Gr. 12 Fundamentals with a pass or Gr. 11 Pre-Calculus with a minimum C+.

Course credit may be given for work experience. Consult with the Chairperson regarding challenging of a course.

Note: Applicants whose math and physics prerequisites are more than five years old or whose skills in math and physics are weak should consider refresher courses prior to applying for the ARET program.