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Admission Information

The program is designed to train individuals for employment as professionals in the field of veterinary medicine. The registered veterinary technologist works under the supervision of veterinarians and veterinary scientists in a variety of areas including diagnostic testing, X-ray, medical procedures, office protocol, animal nursing, anaesthesia and surgical assistance. Employment opportunities can be found with private veterinary practices, medical research centers, zoological parks, government laboratories, animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitation centers, pharmaceutical companies, teaching institutions and commercial ranches. Graduates can expect a varied and satisfying career.

The distance program is intended to allow qualified individuals to obtain the theoretical portion of their training by distance education using a combination of electronic and classical hard copy technologies. The clinical, hands on training that is vitally important to a competent animal health technologist will be provided at their place of work. The distance program is available to students anywhere in Canada.

The program is designed to be completed in a minimum of three years. There are three semesters per year of 12 weeks duration each. During each semester the student takes two courses. There is also the opportunity for graduate veterinary technologists to take specific courses for continuing education credits.

The student may opt for a one-time delay in enrolling in the next semester of the program but they must complete the entire program within four years of initial enrollment.

Successful completion of year three of the distance program will result in the student being awarded a Diploma in Animal Health Technology. The student must successfully challenge the Veterinary Technician National Board Exam and apply for registration with their provincial vet tech association to be recognized as a registered veterinary technologist.

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