TRU Science

Fees and Expenses

There are a total of 11 credits per semester in the TRU AHT Distance Education program. There is no charge for the courses entitled Veterinary Clinical Studies 1 - 9. These courses are five credits each. For the other two courses in each semester there is a fee of $287.16 per credit and each of these are three-credit courses. The fee therefore per semester is $1722.96 (you are taking both three credit courses).  Fees may change without notice.

Additional and ancillary fees incurred by on campus AHT students do not apply to AHT Distance Education students (student society fees, etc.)

Texts and supplies average approximately $275 per semester. (This is an estimate only — prices may change without notice). The student is required to purchase a video camera (as video-taped assignments are required throughout the three years of the program). As all videos need to be submitted in a consistent format, you are required to purchase a camera that will accommodate this (your camera must record in MPEG4 format).

All expenses incurred by the student during the duration of this program are the responsibility of the student. This includes all workplace expenses, travel to clinical instructional sites, computer and Internet costs, invigilation costs, video costs, mailing and phone charges, etc.

This program qualifies for Canadian Student Loans. Please contact the TRU Financial Aid and Awards office.