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Please note: Prior to public adoption appointments, animals may already be adopted or show adoption pending within the TRU AHT community.

Bumble - Adopted

Bumble Don't let his size fool you, Bumble is our resident gentle giant. He loves everyone and wants nothing more than to spend time in the company of people. If we are not paying attention to him he will let us know by vocalizing. He is very calm and gentle, except when we offered him a new toy, which he happily pulled apart. We are working on keeping his figure trim and slim since while at TRU he has put on a little weight. Bumble may have some ongoing medical issues while we are currently working through. If you want to meet this sweet man or would like to know more about him please call to book and appointment.

Frieda - Adopted

Frieda Frieda is an expressive girl with lots of personality. While she’s still working on some basic commands she is catching on very quickly. She is a young dog and still needs some work on her manners and boundaries. We would recommend a home with some dog experience for friendly Frieda. Toys are her absolute favourite thing in the world and she loves to fumble around with a soccer ball any chance she gets. Cats are not really her thing so we’d recommend a no cat household and she has not encountered any children yet in her life. Skateboards and cars do not phase her and she’ll gladly take any pets you offer her. Frieda is the kind of dog to make you laugh every day and will bring a smile to your face.

Bounce - Adopted

Bounce This friendly and high energy boy enjoys attention, pets and belly rubs. A home with dog experience would be the best fit as he is very strong and still needs some work on his manners. Bounce is eager to make new friends and so far has shown good manners around other dogs. A home with small children may not be the best fit due to his size and strength. He is very curious about cars and likely has been used to car rides in the past. Are you looking to be greeted by a happy face and wagging tail, company for your evening walk? Come meet Bounce and see if he is your newest family member.

Sprite - Adopted

Sprite This beautiful girl is working hard on her training and we would recommend continued work in her new home. An experienced dog home would be the best fit for her. Sprite is very affectionate and friendly. An active home possibly with a playmate would be a great fit for her. She is still working on some basic manners and will think it is ok to jump up or use her mouth occasionally. Still a bit nervous around vehicles, it is something that she could use some work on. No doubt under the right guidance she is going to make an amazing companion due to her very friendly nature. Her play can be a bit rough so a home with a small dog may not be the best for her. We could see her in a home with someone who likes to hike, camp and has an active lifestyle. Sprite would like to join her new owner on adventures!

Boston - Adopted

Boston Boston would love to greet you at the door after a long day. He is the friendliest guy you'll ever meet. Boston is a people dog who loves everyone so he may do well with older children who are able to respect his space and manage his size and enthusiasm. Intelligent and quick to learn, Boston loves to please you and enjoys working on new tricks. He has shown some hesitation around cars and some novel items. Boston is eager to be your new best friend and promises to make you smile everyday.

Suzie - Adopted

Suzie Like her sister Nova, Suzie is a sweet girl who loves attention. Playtime for her involves pulling out every toy from the toy bin. Suzie is young and will need positive re-inforcement for her continued training. Small dogs are not her favorite and she can be a bit particular about larger dogs she is making friends with. Her favorite things are spending time with her sister, playing with people and sharing her sweet affectionate side with the people around her.

Dallas - Adopted

Dallas Dallas is a sweet, soft natured boy. He can be hesitant of new situations and is working through some of his shyness. He will happily share his bed with humans for some snuggling time. So far, he’s been alright with other dogs and would likely be good with children due to his gentle nature. Dallas loves to learn new tricks, is happy for playtime but equally content to spend the day curled up at your feet . If you’re looking for a loveable, sweet, and smart new friend, then Dallas is eager to meet you and your family.

Harlow - Adopted

Harlow Harlow is our resident fluffball of energy. As a friendly and affectionate little Pomeranian her favourite thing is to lick your nose when she sits in your lap. Because her previous home had children, we are confident she is good with children, and has been eager to make friends with all dogs she meets. Her previous home also had cats so we expect she will do well with them again. She is working on her reaction to cars and not jumping up on you. Due to her breed Harlow will require regular bathing and grooming. Harlow looks forward to meeting you with lots of kisses.

Nova - Adopted

Nova Nova and Suzie are sisters and arrived at TRU in October. The students instantly fell in love with her gentle nature and big beautiful brown eyes. As soon as she sees people her tail will start to wag. One of our quieter dogs, Nova is content to be in the company of people. Some new items and environments can make her a bit nervous so going slow and helping her feel safe would be recommended. We have no doubt that Nova will make her new family very happy. We will miss her and her sister very much.

Ranger - Adopted


This spectacularly smart boy would love to spend time with you by trying to sit on your lap! Ranger is approximately 2 years old, and is quite energetic. He’s worked very hard on his manners while at TRU and has made big improvements.  We suggest that his training continues when he finds his furever home. Ranger loves to use his brain, and really enjoys his training and his agility sessions! A home without small children would be ideal as he’s still learning his size, strength, and boundaries. We recommend someone with previous dog experience since he’ll need to continue his training. 

Rico - Adopted

Rico This lovely boy was originally from Mexico but has adjusted to Kamloops just fine. Sometimes when meeting new people he can be a bit nervous, but once comfortable he can’t get close enough. Rico thrives on attention and love and wants nothing more than to be in our company. Occasionally when not getting the love he expects he will vocalize his displeasure with you. Belly rubs and playtime are some of his most favorite things. He has been able to make dog friends here, but taking it slow would be recommended. Does your home have room for a sweet loving bundle of energy? Come meet Rico and see if he is the right fit for you.