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Please note: Prior to public adoption appointments, animals may already be adopted or show adoption pending within the TRU AHT community.


Armando This beautiful boy took some time to get comfortable with us, but now his loving and affectionate side is showing itself. Likely it will take him some time to be comfortable in his new home. Loud noises and lots of activity are not his favorite things. He would much prefer a quite home to explore and maybe find a sunny spot to lounge in the sun. His fur will require some TLC but we feel this would be a good bonding time for Armando and his new family. You will no doubt fall in love with his sweet nature. Armando looks forward to finding his furr-ever home.


Arthur Handsome Arthur is a very friendly sophisticated guy who enjoys lounging by the window. Compared to some of our younger cats he is very mellow and tends to not enjoy high energy environments. Though he tolerates other cats he would prefer another mellow friend or a single cat household. On his terms he is quite snuggly and will likely join you for evening TV time and morning coffee, he may even chat with you as he is a vocal boy. Due to his classy personality we feel he likely would do best with no dogs and children who are willing to allow Arthur to come to them rather than be picked up.


Demi Demi is a shy angel looking for her person to love. Though very sweet Demi can be nervous of both new environments and new people. We feel she would be best suited for a calm, quiet home with no young children or dogs where she can be given time to become comfortable. Other cats may be alright as she has not had any issues with the other cats here. At first she may be a bit hesitant but given some time and patience she will show you her sweet personality. Demi shows her affection through adorable cheek rubs and soft purrs.


Diva Diva is an active and boisterous cat that loves to explore, climb and investigate new areas. She is friendly but would much rather come to you than be picked up. She does enjoy her time with her friends in the playrooms. After a playdate we will often find her curled up with Demi napping. A home with older children who would interact with Diva, but not want to carry her around would be a good fit. If you have space in your life for playtime and room in her heart then Diva is your girl.


Emmy This friendly sweet girl loves her people. She will follow you around chirping at you. While here we have definitely fallen in love with her as we know you will too. Emmy loves hanging out with her friends Diva, Demi and Lucy in the playroom. She is quite comfortable with being handled so we expect a variety of homes would work for her. Emmy will not doubt make a loving and affectionate addition to your home.


Jessy This sweet girl came to TRU in September with her son Joey. Jessi very much prefers quiet environments and observing the world from a sunny windowsill. A quiet home is likely the best fit for her. Jessi is not fond of being picked up but will gladly sit beside you as you stroke her soft fur. Once you've been accepted by her she will relax and show you her loving purr. If you have room in your heart and home for a gentle sweet natured friend then Jessi may be for you.


Jewel This independent long haired beauty loves chin rubs and ear scratches. Our Jewel has a very strong personality and we would suggest a home with previous cat experience for her. She definitely prefers not to share her humans with other animals as she feels that she should be the center of attention. Affection from Jewel is on her terms, she does not enjoy being picked up but once comfortable with you will make an excellent lap warmer. Jewel will need regular grooming due to her breed and currently we are working on a weight loss plan for her. Once you meet her, it’s impossible not to fall in love with those beautiful green eyes of hers.


Juno Juno is a lovable girl with a friendly personality. Very much a people cat we feel she would likely be okay with other cats and children as they just provide more for her to love. While she is still learning to be affectionate and may not snuggle with you right away, she craves attention and will gladly hang out with you in any way she can. While she does tolerate being picked up, she’s a little nervous about it so we recommend a gentle hand with her. Juno would make for a great addition to that family who has lots of love to give.


Lucy Lucy is a high-energy enthusiastic kitten that loves attention and playtime. When you’ve finally tuckered her out she will gladly relax and cuddle in your arms. Lucy still thinks it’s ok to use her teeth for play sometimes so for this reason a home with very small children may not be the best fit. Just as she is working on her manners we are learning to use toys rather than hands. She loves spending time in the playroom with her friends Demi, Diva and Emmy. She does not seem to be a big fan of dogs but gets along quite well with her friends. If you are looking for a playful and active kitten then Lucy may be the right fit for your home.


Moss Moss and her sister Sprout arrived at TRU in September and have been winning us over with their personalities ever since. Moss is well known for 'making bread' and purring. If Moss is not in her kennel you can often find her curled up in a student’s arms where she will completely relax and cuddle. This little love bug will quickly win you over with her gentle nature.


Pudd Everyone who meets Pudd loves him. At first he may seem a bit aloof, but will very quickly warm to anyone who spends some time with him. Sometimes he will crave your affection and other times he would just like some quiet time to himself. He is terribly curious about the younger cats and can often be found in the playroom observing the antics of the kittens. We are working hard on his current weight loss plan which includes some laser light play. Sometimes unfamiliar and loud things will make him quite nervous so having a safe place to retreat to is recommended. We look forward to introducing you to our sweet Pudd and his unique personality.


Shelly Shelly is a shy snuggly cat looking for a single pet household. Once she becomes comfortable, she is extremely affectionate and very loving, but likes to have her space to hide when she feels overwhelmed. As a social eater she loves to sit with you while she eats and likes one on one company where she can be the center of attention. Shelly requires a gentle hand, no dogs and likely no children as well but will gladly become your little shadow if you let her.


Sprout This little bundle of cute is super affectionate and loves to cuddle. She has taken a liking to perching herself on your shoulder. We could see her helping her future owner work at the computer or at least distract them from working. Easygoing and playful, this little sweetheart is constantly purring. Sprout arrived at TRU with her sister Moss and the two of them are often found in the playroom having fun or napping together. She is quite tolerant of handling so a home with children will likely be just fine.


Sylvester This big handsome man loves to chat with you! Sylvester is adventurous and quickly figured out how to escape his kennel. He would love a home with someone who has the time to interact with him. We think Sylvester seems himself as a family member and not necessarily a cat. Imagine coming home to his sweet face and chirps greeting you each day. We have come to love this guy and his morning vocal greetings when the school day starts.


Weasley Weasley came to TRU having ‘failed’ in his role and a barn cat for being too friendly. Given that he will either be in your lap, rubbing on your legs or seeking your hand out for pets we completely understand how that may have happened. He is full of personality and energy and would do best in a home where he gets lots of interaction. Having lots of space to roam and explore would suit his high energy level well as we expect he could be a bit mischievous if bored. Having a playmate would suit him just fine. Weasley would like a home were someone will play with him a lot, but then offer a warm lap to curl up in at night as he and his new owner are watching Netflix.


Zoe Zoe arrived to TRU having just weaned her kittens. She immediately won us over with her very gentle nature. She is very relaxed here and will no doubt adjust quickly to her new home. This laid back girl is very affectionate and wants nothing more than your love and attention. We know that she will bring her new owners much love and happiness with her gentle eyes and soft purr.