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All of our great cats have found loving, forever homes. Please check back in late February or early March for more furry friends that will need homes. Email for an application form. Thank you for your continued support of the Veterinary Technology program.

 Betty Boop

Ms Betty Boop - Adopted

Betty Boop is a striking 5 y/o tortoise shell tabby that will be your perfect companion.  She is quiet but affectionate for your attention.  Betty enjoys belly rubs and napping in a warm, cozy place.  Since arriving into the AHT program, we have been helping her trim her figure.  She arrived with her friend Honey so she has the potential to do well with another cat in the household.  If you are looking for a calm snuggler to enrich your everyday life, Betty Boop is the girl for you!


Bonnie - Adopted

Bonnie, AKA Bon-Bon, is a 1 y/o fun-loving sweetie.  She is a bit shy at times but warms up quickly.  Despite her shy nature she truly enjoys exploring and will rub up against everything in her path, purring all the way.  Bonnie would do best in a calm and relaxed home.  She does not enjoy being held for long periods of time but loves a good scratch on the head.  Perched on a window ledge, she loves to watch the outdoors.  She has made a few feline friends at TRU but has not been introduced to dogs.  If you are looking for a lovely little treasure to join your home, look no further as Bonnie may be the one for you.


Callie - Adopted

Callie is a gorgeous 1 y/o grey, domestic shorthair looking for her forever home.  She is a loving companion who enjoys cheek and face rubs.  She gets along with other cats but does enjoy her "own" time.  She has not yet met a dog but with a slow and pawsitive ineraction, she could make another friend.  Callie is calm, cool and collected and can't wait to meet her future family!


Corona - Adopted

Meet Corona!  This infectious 1 y/o little love bug wants nothing more than to go home and snuggle with his new people.  He can be quite vocal and  playful at times but seems to prefer to settle with just being with you.  Corona has limited vision in his left eye but is not completely blind and this does not hinder him in any way.  He has had limited interaction with other cats and is working on his manners with them but would be best suited in a single cat home where he can have you all to himself.


Henry - Adopted

Henry is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet.  He came to us as a stray in need of some TLC and has now thriving with the attention he is getting.  He is around 5 y/o with big male cheeks and a kinked tail.  He greets you with a big meow and loves to sit on your lap and receive a good chin rub.  He is not interested in toys or playing but loves his treats.  He is a low stress guy who is very gentle and easy to handle but prefers not to be held or carried.  Henry would fit in with most households and would do best as the only cat.  He has not been introduced to dogs but would probably do well with a respectful, older canine companion.  This gentleman is longing for his forever home.


Indigo - Adopted

Indigo AKA Indie is approximately 3 y/o with so much love to give.  She will need a bit of time to warm up to new people but once she does, you will be her new, best friend.  Indigo enjoys the finer things in life like a comfy bed, a string to play with and a good brushing.  She is a very social eater and loves attention while she has her meal.  Indigo would do best in a quiet, only cat home so that she never gets turned down for a good belly rub.  


Maizie - Adopted

Maizie is our beutiful dilute orange tabby.  She is approximately 6 y/o that loves to lounge on the window sill or curl up on your bed.  Being a bit shy at first, she warms up easily and loves to have her belly rubbed.  Maizie would prefer a quiet home with no children that can provide her with lots of love.  Maizie is considered a lap cat and craves a good chin and chest rub.  She has met some feline friends and would do well in a household with other cats.  Dogs have not been introduced to her.  Maizie is so excited to meet you so she can show off her caring and affectionate personality.


Marlin - Adopted

Marlin is a lovely boy who is approximately 1 y/o.  He spends his days relaxing and loving any affection he can get his paws on (especially chin scratches and pats).  He is shy when you first meet him but warms up quite quickly to start receiving some loving.  Marlin and his best friend Merlin love spending time lounging and looking out the window.  He is a very sweet fellow that is patiently waiting for his forever home.


Memphis - Adopted

Stop by and meet Memphis!  This big healthy boy has personality inside and out.  Just over a year old, he loves to spend his time exploring, chasing and catching wand toys or snuggling in his bed with a soft blanket.  Memphis can be a bit shy at first and uncertain of loud noises but his curiosity and affection will always win out.  This sweetheart gets along with everybody, making many friends here at TRU.  Though he has not been introduced to dogs, his easy going personality has us confident that he will make a great addition to any family.


Merlin - Adopted

Merlin loves attention!  He loves his buddy Marlin and has some other feline friends at TRU which would make him a candidate for a household with or without other cats.  He enjoys face rubs from his nose right back to his ears.  To obtain this attention he somersaults at your feet until he wins your heartstrings.  We feel that "fear free" training would benefit Merlin for future vet clinic appointments.  Children could be great for him if they are calm and have experience with cats.  Come meet Merlin and be greated by his rumble purrs that will fill your soul with happiness.


Peach - Adopted

Once upon a time there lived a princess.  This princess had a bit of a rocky start.  She ended up having a few princes and princesses of her own and was in needed of some TLC.  Fast forward to September 2020, the Royal Princess Peach made her way to the Animal Health Technology program at TRU in hopes of finding her very own kingdom.  Peach is a beautiful 2 y/o kitty who deserves a loving home where she would be the sole Princess.  Although she is not fond of being held, she loves to snuggle beside you and ask for pets and head scratches.  She is looking forward to meeting her forever people.


Pearl - Adopted

Pearl is a shy 2 y/o calico that loves to play with other younger cats.  She would prefer a quiet and low-key family to give her lots of belly and chin rubs.  A slow introduction to dogs would be necessary.  Watch out though as beneath that shyness and small exterior is a youngster with a big sassy personality!  She is playful and lovable and will lounge around all day if you let her.  She's a great, furry companion who will "pearl" on your heart strings the moment you meet her.


Pemberton - Adopted

If you are looking for a "cool" cat, look no further.  Pemberton is an easy going, affectionate and approachable young man that is always up for a cuddle with good company.  This snuggle bug would thrive in a home that can shower him with affection.  His laid back, sociable nature makes him an excellent candidate for a home with other cats, dogs and children.  During his time here at TRU he has greeted new friends with a great attitude and an open heart.  Can you open your heart to Pemberton?


Petunia - Adopted

Pentunia is an absolute sweetheart who loves cuddling and purring all day long.  If you are looking for that special friend to cuddle on the couch with, she is your girl!  Petunia is approximately 1.5 y/o and her favorite hobbies are demanding attention, grooming, and eating all the treats.  This petit girl is very affectionate and will warm up to you right away.  Petunia would enjoy having another feline companion in her new home as she came to us from a foster home with 5 cats!  She would do well in a home with respectful children.


Pip - Adopted

Hi my name is Pip!  I may be small and look a bit scared but I am a cuddle and purring machine once I get to know you.  I am around 6 months old and have come out of my shell since arriving at TRU.  I enjoy being cuddled and just spending time with my people.  Being this young I am not sure how to interact with other cats so would prefer to be the only cat in the house so I can soak up all the affection.  Loud noises and fast movement frightens me so a household with no children would be best.  My loud purring will melt your heart.  


Sandie - Adopted

Meet Miss Sandie, an energetic 1 y/o kitty who is wanting her fur-ever home so she can shower them with kisses.  Being young, she gets excited when playing and may give the occasional play bite.  She loves to watch the birds outside from her perch in the window.  A slow introduction to a respectful dog may work but preference would be in a household with older children who can understand her playful behaviour.  This frisky youngster would make a fun addition to the right home.


SweetPea- Adopted

SweetPea is a 2 y/o who definitely lives up to her name.  Bursting with love and affection, she would happily spend an entire day cuddling with you and greeting you with excitement when you arrive home.  When you pick her up she wraps her arms around you as if giving you the biggest hug.  She does not like to share her humans and would do best in a single cat home.  A slow introduction to a canine friend may be okay.  Weary of loud noises, she adjusts quickly to new things and would do well with older children who would love a snuggle companion.  SweetPea wil definately steal your heart and your lap!


Yogi- Adopted

If you ever wanted a cat that talks back, Yogi is the one for you.  This 1 y/o fellow will love your company and soak up constant attention.  He will greet you when you walk in the door after a long day and plop down at your feet for some never-ending pets.  He will gladly let you rub his belly as well!  Yogi loves everyone that he meets and is welcoming to meet new feline friends making him a possible candidate for a multi cat home.