TRU Science

Science Health & Safety Committee

Meetings for the Fall 2019 term are scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month at 1030 in Ken Lepin Bldg Room S270.

Meeting Minutes

Committee Members

Trent Hammer, CO-CHAIR Chemistry thammer@tru.ca
Timothy Crowe, CO-CHAIR  Chemistry/OSEM tcrowe@tru.ca
Sarah Martin AD, OSEM samartin@tru.ca
Tara Geiger AHT tgeiger@tru.ca
Lucille Anderson Biology landerson@tru.ca
Jamie Ushko Biology jushko@tru.ca
Marten Lettinga Chemistry mlettinga@tru.ca
Nancy Van Wagoner Geology nvanwagoner@tru.ca
Joanna Urban Microbiology jurban@tru.ca
Sheri Watson NRS swatson@tru.ca
Wendy McKenzie Nursing wmckenzie@tru.ca
Colin Taylor Physics ctaylor@tru.ca
Janine Rostron RESP jrostron@tru.ca
Christine Miller UPrep cmiller@tru.ca
Tara Langley Recorder resp@tru.ca

Terms of reference


For purposes of Terms of Reference the following definitions shall apply:

  • TRU - Thompson Rivers University
  • Council - Faculty of Science Council
  • Senate - Thompson Rivers University Council
  • Chair/ Vice Chair - the Chair/Vice Chair of the Committee
  • Dean - refers to the Dean of Science
  • Faculty member - a person employed by TRU, full time or part time, in the Faculty of Science, as an Instructor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor
  • Student member - an undergraduate or graduate student, chosen to represent the interests of Science Students on the Committee
  • Staff member - a person employed by TRU, full time or part time, in the Faculty of Science, as support staff or administrator
Mission statement

The Science Health and Safety Committee (SHSC) has the responsibility to play an important role in creating a safe and healthy working environment within the Faculty of Science. To achieve this, the SHSC will work collaboratively and cooperatively to ensure all members of the Faculty of Science are knowledgeable as to the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Program. Any problems identified and viewed as outside the scope of the SHSC are referred to the TRU Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC).

  • One representative from each discipline in the Faculty of Science – voting
  • The Dean of Science or their designate – voting
  • Student – voting
  • One representative from the School of Nursing – voting
  • One representative from University Preparation – voting
  • Manager, Health and Safety or their designate – non voting
  • The committee shall elect a Chair from the membership, one year term, the election date/term coinciding with the faculty council election dates. The Chair or appointed designate will report to Faculty Council as required
  • Committee members shall serve a three year term
Support staff

Attendance is taken at all meetings with the list included with all minutes. It is recommended that all safety committee members should have an alternate so that all areas will be represented at every meeting. Proxy should be submitted in a member’s absence. If a member misses more than three regular meetings, the Faculty of Science Steering Committee will be notified to seek an alternative member from the respective constituency.

JOHSC Representative: A representative from SHSC will be elected from the membership. This individual will attend the monthly JOHSC meetings and bring forward issues beyond the scope of the SHSC and report back to the SHSC on the JOHSC activities. A quorum shall consist of one-half plus one of the current SHSC membership.


The responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Promoting health and safety within the Faculty of Science to ensure that all persons are knowledgeable as to the requirements of the TRU Occupational Health and Safety Program.
  • Considering suggestions from the work force with respect to health and safety matters and making recommendations to management.
  • Promoting compliance with all safety and health regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Participating in the identification of potentially unsafe conditions or other hazards within the Faculty of Science and recommending means of controlling those risks.
  • Participating in accident and incident investigations, and reviewing accident or incident investigation reports.
  • Reviewing reports of inspections carried out in the workplace
  • Forwarding suggestions which may affect the campus community or environs to the TRU JOHSC and/or the TRU Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC).
  • Keeping accurate records of all matters that come before the committee, including minutes of meetings, correspondence, etc.
  • Reporting to their individual disciplines and encouraging safety discussions within their areas of responsibility and assisting whenever possible.
  • i. Establishing and annually reviewing guidelines for field trips, ongoing education, inspection schedules, safe work procedures, safety training of new employees, and disposal of hazardous substances.
    ii. Ensuring that the recommendations, guidelines, and timelines indicated in j-i are carried out.
  • creating ad hoc committees as required.
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