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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Research Committee

Sean McGuinness, Chair    Math & Stats
vacant    Animal Health Technology
Les Matthews    Allied Health
James Gu    ARET
Matt Reudink Biological Sciences
vacant Computing Science
Wendy Gardner Natural Resource Sciences
Kingsley Donkor Physical Sciences - Chemistry
Nancy Van Wagoner    Physical Sciences - Geology
Mark Paetkau Physical Sciences - Physics

Terms of Reference


For purposes of Terms of Reference the following definitions shall apply:

  • ResComSci - Research Committee of Science
  • TRU - Thompson Rivers University
  • Council - Faculty of Science Council
  • Senate - Thompson Rivers University Council
  • Chair - the Chair of the Committee
  • Dean - the Dean of Science
  • Faculty Member - a person employed by TRU, full time or part time, in the Faculty of Science, as an Instructor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor
  • Academic Standards - standards related to teaching, scholarship and service

Mission Statement

The ResComSci provides a forum for the discussion and action on issues related to research within the Faculty of Science. ResComSci will identify, discuss, and make recommendations to the Faculty of Science on matters relating to the ability of Science Faculty to engage in research, launch new iniatives, and/or opportunities for conducting research within the Faculty of Science. ResComSci also will provide a resource where information, experiences, and knowledge pertaining to research may be shared between Faculty.

Core Membership


  • 1 Faculty Member from each academic discipline in the Faculty of Science; normally the appointed representative will be involved in research
  • the Dean or his/her designate
  • 1 graduate student associated with the Faculty of Science
  • 1 undergraduate students engaged in research within the Faculty of Science


  • Committee shall seek consensus on all issues; in the event that consensus cannot be reached, a majority vote will be used to carry forward recommendations to Faculty Council
  • Quorum will be considered two-thirds of the voting representatives.


  • The committee shall elect the Chair from the membership for a two year term
  • Election and starting dates for the position will take place according to the Faculty Council election schedule

Committee members:

  • Shall serve 2-year terms, with exemption for the student members who will be appointed for 1-year terms
  • One member shall be charged with taking notes, which will be kept on file Minutes shall be publicly available and reports made to Faculty Council


  • This committee may establish sub-committees to undertake duties as needed
  • Sub-committees shall report back to the Academic Standards Committee

General Attendance:

  • ResComSci meetings will be open to all members of Council; however, issues brought forward for discussion at the meetings must be tabled through the elected representatives of each Department


  • Identify issues relating to research that are of importance to the Faculty of Science, and propose action on these items
  • Report regularly to Council on issues deemed important by the ResComSci
  • Meet as needed with the Dean to discuss key issues pertaining to research within the Faculty of Science
  • With a mandate from Council, advise Research Committee of Senate on critical issues pertaining to research in the Faculty of Science
  • Seek opportunities to increase the research capacity of the Faculty of Science
  • Seek opportunities to increase the exposure and appreciation of research being conducted within the Faculty of Science