Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Education Planning Committee

Linda Mueller, Chair Allied Health
Robina Manfield Animal Health Technology
Walter Prescott ARET
Don Nelson Biological Sciences
Ning Lu Computing Science
Shane Rollans Math & Stats
John Karakatsoulis Natural Resource Science (NRS)
Norm Reed Physical Sciences - Chemistry
Nancy Van Wagoner Physical Sciences - Geology
Normand Fortier Physical Sciences - Physics
vacant    Student rep


Terms of Reference


For purposes of Terms of Reference the following definitions shall apply:

  • TRU - Thompson Rivers University.
  • Council - Faculty of Science Council.
  • Senate - Thompson Rivers University Council.
  • Chair/ Vice Chair - the Chair/Vice Chair of the Committee.
  • Dean - refers to the Dean of Science.
  • Faculty member - a person employed by TRU, full time or part time, in the Faculty of Science, as an Instructor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor.
  • Student member - an undergraduate or graduate student, chosen to represent the interests of Science Students on the Committee.
  • Staff member - a person employed by TRU, full time or part time, in the Faculty of Science, as support staff or administrator.

Mission Statement

The Education Planning Committee is responsible for reviewing proposals for course and program changes, and making regular reports and recommendations to Faculty Council (Science) concerning educational matters including the responsibilities listed below.


  • One representative from each discipline in the Faculty of Science – voting.
  • The Dean of Science or their designate – non-voting ex officio.
  • One student.
  • B.Sc. Advising representative – voting ex officio.
  • A quorum will consist of a simple majority of voting members. If one member is unable to attend a meeting, an alternate from the same discipline may attend instead.
  • Student members will serve a one year term. Faculty to serve up to three-year terms.
  • The committee shall elect a chair from the membership. The chair shall serve the same term as the faculty committee members.


The committee is responsible for:

  • Recommendations to the Science Faculty Council for approval of new credit courses.
  • Recommendations to the Science Faculty Council for proposed credit programs, substantive program changes, and the termination of existing credit programs
  • Examination of all proposed or revised credit programs in order to ensure that they are consistent with the mission and goals of TRU, and that the proposals include an accurate description of the financial and other resources that would be required.
  • Prioritization of all new credit program proposals.
  • Recommendations to the Science Faculty Council regarding approval of course. or non-substantive program changes and course cancellations.
  • Monitoring and responding to the public consultation phase of proposed changes from other areas.
  • Archiving of the activities of the committee.