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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Standing Committees of Faculty Council

General Bylaws of Council of Standing Committees

The Chair, Vice Chair and members of Council committees, shall forfeit their positions if they miss three consecutive meetings. The Steering Committee shall be responsible for nominating new candidates.

Election of Committee Chairs
Each committee shall elect a Chair from its membership.

Length of term of members
Three years normally, renewable for one or more terms with approval from the member's constituency. Initial terms should be staggered to maintain continuity of membership.

Frequency of Meetings
Will be determined by each committee.

An up-to-date record of action minutes shall be maintained and posted.

Reporting to Council
Shall report verbally at monthly Council meetings. Shall submit a written annual report to Council in June

Ad hoc Committees
May be struck by standing committees to deal with issues of importance. At least one member of the standing committee shall serve on the ad hoc subcommittee to facilitate communication between the groups. Ad hoc subcommittees should seek appropriate representation from Faculty of Science Departments.

Standing Committees of Faculty Council