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Material Management

Spill control and material disposal

Adequate spill control measures can usually be found in the MSDS. For practical purposes however, it is generally necessary to train designated individuals in specific spill control procedures as it applies to the use and concentration found in the workplace. Containment and neutralization using acceptable compounds intended for that purpose are preferred methods of spill control.

The Occupational Health and Safety Program manual for the University-college contains some of these specific procedures. Specific training is also available.

If you are thoroughly familiar with the substances and the steps necessary to contain and clean up a spill it is sufficient to do so and then contact the Health and Safety Officer for disposal information.

If you are not familiar with the substance or unable to deal with the spill you must take the following steps:

  1. Notify colleagues in the immediate area that the spill has occurred; and
  2. Report the location, quantity, and composition of the spill to your area warden; and
  3. Evacuate students or staff from the surrounding area and gather at the designated assembly points.

Control of spills should not be attempted by individuals not familiar with the materials.

Even the smallest amount of a harmful substance which is spilt should be properly cleaned up and reported [i.e. breakage of a mercury thermometer].

No chemicals should be disposed of without direction from the Occupational Health and Safety Department. Information concerning spill control or waste disposal can be requested from the Occupational Health and Safety Departmental Office at 828-5139 Local 5139.

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