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Thompson Rivers University

Stress Questionnaire

What are your sources of stress?

(Adapted from Barreca & Hepler (2000))

Here are some questions to help you think about what causes you stress in the following different parts of your life:

  • School
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Body, Mind and Feelings

Check off any of the following which apply to you:

I cannot pay attention in class.
I study but have trouble passing tests/assignments.
I do not understand what my teacher teaches.
I am not sure if I am able to do well in school.
My attendance is poor.
I am often late for class.
I have too many assignments.
I cannot stay awake in class.
Other? (explain) ________________________________
I cannot get the money I need to pay for school.
I do not have the money to pay basic expenses.
I feel pressured because it costs a lot of money to come to Canada for school.
My parents control how much money I spend.
I have trouble managing a budget.
I cannot get a job.
I am financially responsible for someone else.
Other? (explain) ________________________________
I have trouble getting along with family members.
I have no friends.
I do not know how to meet people in Canada.
I have trouble meeting a boyfriend/ girlfriend.
I do not understand the culture in Canada.
I am fighting with my partner/parents/friends.
A family member/friend has been sick or died.
I find it hard to express my feelings.
I am lonely, I miss my family/friends.
Other? (explain) ________________________________
Body, mind and feelings
I do not know how to eat right in Canada.
I do not know what to do for exercise
I have gained/ lost some weight.
I am tired and sleeping more/ less than normal.
I feel sad/ depressed.
I do not feel like anyone cares about me.
I do not want to do things that I used to like to do.
I feel like I have too much pressure.
Other? (explain) ________________________________
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