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Thompson Rivers University

Safety when Working

  1. Know employees in other offices and be aware of their schedules.
  2. If you are suspicious of people hanging around or receive strange phone calls, notify Security at 828-5033 or local 5033.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable about a person who has entered your workspace, trust your instincts. Look directly at the person, making ir clear that you are in charge and cannot be intimidated. If you feel threatened, make a scene - YELL!
  4. Know the nearest emergency exits. Be aware of nearby safe places and phones.
  5. Use a buddy system when leaving work and stick to well-lit areas at night.
  6. If you are working late, let TRU Security and someone at home know and tell them when you expect to leave.
  7. If you enter a washroom and suspect if is unsafe, don't call out. Back out, go to a safe, lockable place with a phone and phone for help.
  8. If you encounter someone unfamiliar when you are alone or working late, indicate you are not alone. "(My supervisor) will be right here and will be able to help you."
  9. If someone is abusive, violent, or threatens your personal safety, immediately report the incident to your supervisor and to TRU Security.
  10. If you feel threatened by someone you work with, discuss the situation with a trusted co-worker or the Harasssment Advisor (5188). Plan your response to potential problems.
  11. Follow safety and emergency procedures at all times. If you are concerned about a safety or health issue, contact Occupational Health and Safety (5139), your supervisor, or your union.
  12. You do not have to perform any work that you feel is unsafe or could cause injury to you or anyone else. If you are asked to do so, immediately contact Occupational Health and Safety (5139) or your union.
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