Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Safety when Studying

  1. Avoid studying in isolated classrooms in campus areas that are infrequently patrolled, have little or no traffic, or are difficult to access.
  2. Do not study in stairwells, doorways, and locker alcoves.
  3. Study in groups; there is safety in numbers.
  4. Set up a buddy system on the floor you are working on; keep in regular contact.
  5. Try to work in an area where you have access to a phone in case you need to call for assistance.
  6. Do not use a personal stereo system or play music so loudly that you can't hear what is going on around you.
  7. Immediatley report any suspicious individuals in the area to Security. If you are in the library, tell a librarian.
  8. If possible, lock the door of your work area to keep unwanted visitors out.
  9. Report all incidents to TRU Security and/or the RCMP.
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