Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Obscene/Abusive Telephone Calls

  1. Do not talk to the caller.
  2. Hang up if the caller does not say anything, or as soon as obscenities are uttered.
  3. Hang up he phone normally instead of slamming it down.
  4. If you live in a residence, inform your Residence Advisor and the RCMP of the call.
  5. If you work on campus and receive such a call at work, immediately report the call to TRU Security (828-5033 or local 5033) and to the RCMP.
  6. Inform BC Tel, and ask them about service options for tracing calls and unlisted numbers.
  7. On private lines, pressing *69 will give you the number of your most recently received call (this option does not work on TRU's internal phones).
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