Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Safety in Residence

  1. Do not prop open doors for any reason.
  2. Do not lend out your residence keys.
  3. Lock the door to your room at all times.
  4. Close the drapes before you change.
  5. Look out for one another. If you see someone suspicious on your floor, ask who they are looking for, or call the Manager or an Advisor.
  6. Remember that you have the right to question people's presence on your floor.
  7. Set up a buddy system with others on your floor when you have to travel at night.
  8. Never leave a fellow resident alone with a date if you know they are too intoxicated to have control over their own actions.
  9. Never ignore strange noises coming from someone's room. Call the RCMP immediately.
  10. If you are doing laundry, shopping, or photocopying late at night, let a friend know where you are or have a friend go with you.
  11. Avoid letting strangers know if you are female. Use your initial rather than your first name on your mailbox and in the phone book.
  12. If a stranger asks to use your phone, do not let them in. Offer to make the call for them.
  13. Close your window shades or drapes after dark.
  14. If you return to your room to find that windows, or doors have been tampered with, do not enter or call out. Go to a neighbour and call the RCMP.
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