Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Car Safety

  1. Remember to keep your doors locked and windows rolled up.
  2. If someone tries to get in, drive off immediately. If this is not possible, use your horn to draw attention to what is happening.
  3. As you approach your car, have your keys ready. Before entering the car, check the back seat even if your car was locked.
  4. Consider your surroundings. Well lit, busy places are obviously the best places to park. If you have to park in a poorly lit area, or have to walk some distance to and from the car, if possible have someone walk with you.
  5. Report to Security any strange persons you see lurking around any parking lot or vehicle.
  6. Don't mark your key chain with your name, address, and/or license number.
  7. On campus, arrange for an escort from Security or walk with a friend.
  8. Report any tampering or other suspicious activity to TRU Security or the RCMP.
  9. If you suspect someone is following you, drive to the nearest service station, convenience store, or police station, and honk your car's horn until help arrives.
  10. Keep valuables in the trunk, and credit cards in your purse or wallet.
  11. Lock your doors as soon as you enter your vehicle.
  12. Do not offer help to a stranded driver. Stop at the next phone and call for assistance to be sent to them.
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