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These pages allow you to assess your own workstation to establish if it is ergonomically suited to you and the work you do. A number of simple adjustments to your workstation will be suggested to make some improvements to your workstation now.

If you experience problems making the adjustments, your workstation is not covered by these pages, you have a special feature in your workstation or you would like Health and Safety's input please call 5139 to ask for assistance.

Most people are used to ergonomics being related to computer workstations, however ergonomics is applicable to any work enviroment where a persons and a machine or tool interact. Problems often arise because the person who designs the workstation gives the machines more importance than the person who has to operate the machines resulting in poor workplace or job design. This can mean:

  • poor working positions - awkward or static positions
  • high levels of force
  • high levels of repetition
  • difficult manual handling tasks
  • too much bending, stretching or effort.

Health problems show up in a variety of ways, including:

  • back and limb injury
  • aches and pains
  • frequent employee stops
  • do-it-yourself "improvements" to workstations and tools
  • employees wearing bandages, splints, copper bracelets.

Some conditions are chronic and develop slowly in these cases it is important to catch them early. Anyone experiencing problems which they think is due to their workstation or job design should contact H&S by calling (5139) as soon as possible.

Most of the ergonomic assessments at TRU are conducted on computer workstations. The remainder of these pages will give ideas and solutions about commonly found problems related to computer workstations. If you do not work at a computer workstation and want an ergonomic assessment carried out please contact Gordon at or phone (5139).

Chair Keyboard
Lighting Monitor
Mouse Posture
Other Ergonomic Influences  

Drawings on these web pages courtesy of WCB.

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