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Persons who are regularly exposed to noise levels which exceed 85 decibels (dBA) are required to wear hearing protection devices which meet CSA Standard Z94.2. Such persons will also require an annual hearing test which will be coordinated by the Health and Safety Department.

Hearing protective devices may be either ear plug or ear muff styles which meet the applicable standard and provide the desired level of protection from noise.

Ear plugs of the disposable type should not be used repeatedly. When showing any signs of dirt these ear plugs should be discarded and replaced. Disposable type ear plugs cannot be effectively cleaned. Ear plugs of non-disposable types should be cleaned and rinsed regularly to prevent irritation and/or infection of the ear canal.

Ear muff style hearing protection should be maintained in good condition and replaced when any signs of deterioration are evident. Ear muff style hearing protection shall not be modified to accept AM or FM radio or other music sources. The wearing of audio phones under hearing protection is prohibited. The only exception to this requirement is where the hearing protection has been specifically designed and used for the express purpose of two-way radio or speech communication (i.e. two way radio headsets).

Various hearing protection devices have different levels of certification and not all devices provide equal levels of protection. Further information, specifications and assistance in selection of the appropriate type of hearing protection devices can be obtained from the Health and Safety Department.

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