Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Safety Committee

Safety policy

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) community understands that health and safety hazards can represent significant impediments to student and staff professional creative, intellectual and social growth. Senior management is determined, therefore, to promote the TRU Safety Program through safe and healthy working conditions in its facilities as an integral part of its strategic planning and implementation.


  1. Management will establish and maintain adequate standards of plant and equipment maintenance to ensure that physical and health hazards are remedied. Procedures will be established to ensure that tasks are performed in a safe and productive manner.
  2. All members of the TRU community who perform supervisory duties will ensure that staff and students are adequately trained at time of hire, or commencement of classes, to perform tasks in a safe and efficient manner, and will enforce the observation of safe practices and regulations at all times. Supervisors include, but are not limited to, the President, vice-presidents, managers, directors, chairs, deans, professors, and instructors, for the purpose of this policy.
  3. Every member of the TRU community is obliged to follow prescribed procedures, report unsafe conditions, report all incidents or near misses immediately to First Aid or Health and Safety, and willingly participate in creating and maintaining an accident and disease-free environment.
  4. All supervisors are required to attend the Health and Safety training session on manager and supervisor program responsibilities.
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