Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


Pursuant to TRU Policy CCPM 5009 and the applicable regulations, it is the general responsibility of the management of TRU to ensure that a safe workplace is maintained for all persons who use these facilities.

Specifically, these would include but not be limited to:

  1. develop and consistently maintain planning and management processes, which are preventative rather than reactionary;
  2. develop a close liaison with the TRU Health and Safety Department to ensure a safe and healthy work environment;
  3. develop a close liaison with the TRU Health and Safety Department to ensure a safe and healthy work environment;
  4. ensure that appropriate and prompt action is taken to correct any unsafe working practices and conditions;
  5. to provide and maintain First Aid facilities and services in accordance with the applicable regulations that are appropriate to the tasks being performed;
  6. establish a joint Union and Management Health and Safety Committee which will hold regular meetings for the purpose of reviewing information and incidents, anticipating needs and recommending action in support of sound Health and Safety practices;
  7. ensure that all employees/students receive a satisfactory introduction to safe working practices and policies and that they are adequately trained in the safe performance of their duties;
  8. maintain safety records and statistics for the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of the Health and Safety Program;
  9. provide for the regular inspection of facilities equipment, work methods and work practices and to ensure the prompt and timely correction of hazardous conditions found;
  10. ensure that the Health and Safety Program is reviewed annually and to incorporate necessary changes to the program. Said reviews must be documented in writing and forwarded to management with recommendations for changes and improvements to be acted upon;
  11. provide for the prompt investigation of accidents and ensure that all relevant information and statements on any serious accidents are immediately reported to the WCB; provide adequate notification to the Occupational Health & Safety Department and the WCB regarding specified construction projects;
  12. provide written supplementary instructions available for reference by all employees; provide Supervisors with sufficient training in work procedures and responsibilities to effectively train employees and students.
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