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Instructors, laboratory demonstrators and instructional assistants exercise direct supervision over the activities of students within their program area while under their care and control. They are accountable for health and safety matters through the Chairperson to the Dean and Senior Management of TRU. They are also considered as "workers" under the Workers' Compensation Act and therefore have a dual role. Instructors are specifically responsible for ensuring that they:

  1. Know and understand health and safety rules and regulations and follow established safe work procedures.
  2. Demonstrate effective leadership and initiative in safety and health for all areas within their course activities.
  3. Adequately instruct students under their direction and control in the health and safety rules and regulations.
  4. Communicate effectively with students and other instructors on health and safety matters.
  5. Adequately instruct and train each worker and/or student under their direction and control in the safe performance of his/her duties so that they are aware of any potential hazards that may be encountered in their work activities.
  6. Provide each student under their direction and control with proper orientation, training and instructions in safe work procedures so that they are well aware of any hazards that may be encountered in the workplace.
  7. Assist in the development of written instructions and safe work procedures within their Division/Department to supplement the health and safety policies and legislated requirements and to minimize exposure to any physical or chemical hazards.
  8. Review with their chairperson and the Health and Safety Department, on a regular basis, occupational health and safety issues and compliance with the requirements of the WCB and other regulatory agencies.
  9. Make the written safe work procedures readily available and/or adequately posted within the shop/lab/classroom areas and promote these safe work practices.
  10. Instill safety awareness in students under their direction and control.
  11. Monitor students behaviour and work activities to ensure compliance with the health and safety requirements.
  12. Promptly address any unsafe conditions or unsafe acts which come to his/her attention and report them to the appropriate management person.
  13. Undertake the necessary follow-up action to ensure that no person is endangered and that the effectiveness of the Health and Safety program is maintained.
  14. Provide the necessary training in the use, care and maintenance of any personal protective equipment has been provided.
  15. Enforce the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when persons are working in situations requiring such protection.
  16. Provide adequate instruction and training in the operation of any tools, machinery and equipment.
  17. Only allow machinery and equipment to be operated by authorized persons who have received adequate training in the safe use of the equipment.
  18. Conduct regular discussions with students on matters pertaining to Health and Safety.
  19. Cooperate with the Health and Safety Department in their efforts to administer the Health and Safety Program.
  20. Provide input to the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee within their Division.
  21. Communicate with other staff and senior management on Health and Safety needs or concerns.
  22. Do not permit persons with physical or mental impairment to work where that impairment may endanger themselves or others.
  23. Do not allow any person whose ability to work is affected by alcohol, drugs or other substances to enter or remain on the premises.
  24. Establish and maintain effective communication with all workers and students in his/her area of responsibility.
  25. Provide regular instruction and direction to workers under their control to ensure that all work is performed without undue risk.
  26. Report all accidents, incidents and "near misses" to the Health and Safety Department and that all employees/students are aware of the proper reporting procedures.
  27. Keep up with new techniques and developments in Health and Safety and pass the information on to their workers.
  28. Provide the necessary enforcement to ensure that health and safety policies, procedures and regulations are followed.
  29. Make safety suggestions to supervisor and/or Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee.
  30. Identify budgetary requirements for safety and health items to their supervisors.
  31. Provide the necessary enforcement to ensure that health and safety policies, procedures and regulations are followed.
  32. Be accountable with respect to safety and health and set a good example.
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