Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Employee and Student

Each individual has a primary responsibility for his or her own safety as well as the health and safety of his or her fellow employees and/or students. Therefore, it will be the responsibility of each employee/student:

  1. To be fully knowledgeable and comply with University-college rules and procedures, as well as the applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal Regulations or other relevant codes and standards;
  2. To perform their duties in a manner that will not cause injury to themselves or endanger their own lives or the lives of fellow employees/students and members of the general public;
  3. To report and correct, if possible, all unsafe acts and conditions observed and to make recommendations that would eliminate such hazards;
  4. To wear approved personal protective equipment when working in hazardous areas;
  5. To refuse to initiate a work procedure or operate equipment when there is a definite reason to believe that to do so would create a danger to the health and safety of any person;
  6. To assist fellow employees/students with understanding and following safe work practices and complying with our Health and Safety Program and the W.C.B.'s Regulations;
  7. To promptly report to your Supervisor all work-related injuries and visits to a doctor for work-related problems;
  8. Maintain good housekeeping in each work area;
  9. Promptly notify your Supervisor when equipment needs repair or replacement;
  10. To ensure and take responsibility for maintaining a proper state of physical and mental fitness prior
  11. To the performance of assigned duties and tasks; and to leave the premises or place of employment when one's ability to work safely is hindered by alcohol, drug or other substances.
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