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Definition of “WCB Student Practicum"

Workers' Compensation Board of BC coverage is extended to all students while on practicum placement. The definition of a practicum placement is “an assigned work experience component of a program which is sanctioned by the institution; and unpaid and supervised work experience which takes place at the host employer’s premises or place of business.” WCB does not extend to sites established specifically for the purpose of experiential training in a program, nor does it extend to practicums out of province. Only students in apprenticeship program have WCB coverage for classroom, lab and shop instruction.

Students injured on practicum should:

Report the injury immediately to their supervisor at the practicum site. Seek first aid or medical attention. Advise medical aid that you are a student on practicum. Report to their supervisor at TRU that they were injured. This must be done as quickly as possible to ensure the proper WCB paper work is filed

TRU practicum supervisors must:

Fill out a WCB Form 7 Apprenticehip/Practicum Report of Injury for the student. Send the Form 7 to the Occupational Health and Safety Department, OM 1479, or fax to (250) 371-5966. DO NOT send the form directly to WCB as it must first receive approval from the Ministry of Advanced Education.

Note: The filing of a form does not mean immediate approval and acceptance of the claim. If the student claim is not accepted by the Workers' Compensation Board of BC, the student must advise any parties that send medical bills relating to their work related injury of this fact. The billing will then go through their medical services plan.

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