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WorkSafe BC

Employees or certain student groups injured while at work or on practium placement are covered by the WorkSafe of BC.  Persons must report the injury to their supervsior who is required to fill out a WorkSafe Form 7.  Injuries should be dealt with by a first aid attendant or by a physician.  On the TRU Kamloops campus, first aid services can be obtained by calling 1-1-1-1.

Your Rights

Your right to claim

You have the right to report any workplace injury or disease.  If, at the time you're injured, you need an ambulance or transportation from your workplace to your doctor's office or the hospital, your employer is required to pay those costs.

It is the law for your employer to report any workplace injury or disease to WorkSafe. Telling you not to report an injury or disease, or even trying to talk you out of reporting to the WorkSafe, is against the law.

Your right to appeal decisions

If your claim or an aspect of your claim is not accepted by WorkSafe, we will send you a letter explaining the reasons and a brochure explaining the appeal process.  If you don't understand the decision or the reasons behind it, contact the WorkSafe staff member who wrote the letter. You have a right to appeal a claim if you still object to the decision.

Your rights to access and privacy

You have a right to see your WorkSafe claim file and all records about your claim at any time.  Your claim file and its contents will not be disclosed to anyone unless you request it.  However, if you or your employer begin an appeal, your file becomes available to both of you. You may request a copy of information in your claim file and other information about you that may be located apart from your claim file.

Your right to impartial advice and to make decisions

There are several ways to get advice or make complaints:

WorkSafe BC - If you disagree with a WorkSafe decision or you want independent advice, workers' advisers are available at no cost to you.
WorkSafe BC Claims - If you feel you have been treated unfairly by WorkSafe, you may contact the WorkSafe Complaints Office, who will work with you to resolve your complaint or concern.
Ombudsman of B.C. - If you have a complaint about the way you have been treated by WorkSafe, you may contact the provincial ombudsman.

Your rights when a third party is involved

If you're injured on the job and the cause was someone who is neither a worker nor an employer, you can choose to sue for damages rather than claiming compensation from the WorkSafe.  However, you cannot sue an employer or a fellow worker.  For information contact your nearest WorkSafe office.

If your injury is the result of a crime, you may be able to apply for crime victim assistance.  For information, call the Ministry of Public Safety and the Solicitor General's toll-free victims information line at 1-800-563-0808.

Receiving Benefits

 When your claim is accepted, you begin receiving benefits from WorkSafe.  The type and duration of your benefits depend on the nature of your injury and your work.

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