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What is an ergonomic assessment?

Most people are used to ergonomics being related to computer workstations, however ergonomics is applicable to any work environment where a person and a machine or tool interact. Problems often arise because the person who designs the workstation gives the machines more importance than the person who has to operate the machines resulting in poor workplace or job design. This can mean:

  • poor working positions — awkward or static positions
  • high levels of force
  • high levels of repetition
  • difficult manual handling tasks
  • too much bending, stretching or effort
I have been injured at work. What should I do?

Report your injury immediately to your supervisor and to first aid. WCB forms must be filled out and provided to the WCB within 3 days of an injury. Also the incident causing your injury must be investigated and corrected as quickly as possible. Refer to the Incident Reporting and Investigation section of this website.

I only work part time. Am I covered by WCB?

All persons who receive a pay check are entitled to WCB, regardless of the amount of hours that they work.

I have been threatened by a co-worker. What should I do?

Talk with your supervisor and Health and Safety about the incident. TRU's policy states we recognize that an atmosphere which is non-violent and non-threatening in nature, will allow individuals to achieve a high level of success, both personally and professionally. To that end, TRU is committed to providing an environment for people using, working, or studying at any of its campuses which is free from violence.

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