Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Property Security on Campus

TRU security receives reports about thefts of both university and personal property every year. Security works to keep our community safe and secure but we need your help. Most thieves are opportunists and simple steps can reduce their success.

  • Make sure your office or area doors and windows are locked when there is no one there.
  • Keep portable valuable items (such as laptops or cameras) stored securely and out of sight.
  • Avoid keeping large amounts of cash in your area, especially overnight. Cash is highly attractive to thieves. If you need large amounts of cash on campus for any reason, take it to the cashier’s office for safe storage or ask security for advice about purchasing an appropriate safe.
  • Request keys only for individuals who really need them, and make sure that all key holders understand their responsibility to keep keys safe and to report any loss immediately to security.
  • If you use valuable items such as laptops in common areas do not leave them unattended — it can take seconds for a thief to take your things.
  • Personalise your valuables. It reduces the resale value and increases the chance you might be reunited with your belongings.
  • Consider installing tracking applications or devices, but don’t attempt to tackle a thief yourself.
  • If you experience theft or if you see someone or something suspicious, report it to Security immediately.