Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Personal Security on Campus

TRU provides services and supports designed to help keep everyone safe on campus. Security services play an important role in enforcing university safety policies and academic and support services support students and employees in developing and maintaining our safe and friendly campus environment. All members of the university community can contribute by actively contributing to a Respectful Workplace and being aware of the campus environment:

  • If you think that someone’s behaviour on campus is suspicious call Security services.
  • If you think that a colleague or student is in a difficult situation offer your support, many situations can be managed by using simple de-escalation techniques.
  • If you are concerned about the behaviour of a colleague or student contact HR or Student Affairs for advice and support.
  • If someone is abusive, violent, or threatens your own or another’s personal safety, call security services immediately. In an emergency always call 911 for police, fire or ambulance services and then contact security as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • If you are an employee notify your supervisor for immediate support and once the situation has been resolved complete an incident report form so that the incident can be investigated by Health and Safety.
  • If you are anxious about your safety on campus and would like personal security advice or to use the Safe Walk service contact security services.
  • If you yourself need support, reach out to connect with support services through HR or Student Services or join one of the programs run by the Wellness Centre.