Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Bicycle Security on Campus

According to the RCMP, approximately half of all bicycle riders in Canada will have a bike stolen some time over their lifetime. Take steps to make your bike a less attractive target and increase the chances of getting it back.

  • Lock up your bicycle: Buy a high-quality, high-security U-bolt lock to protect your bicycle. Consider using a secondary cable lock as well. Failure to lock your bike or locking it with an inferior lock is an invitation to bicycle thieves.
  • Secure your bicycle: The Kamloops campus has a number of bicycle racks, and also a secure bicycle cage. Details can be found on the Public Bike Parking page. Williams Lake has a bicycle rack just by the main entrance. TRU Residence also has a secure bicycle garage for the use of students living on campus.
  • Get insurance: Bicycles are on campus at the owner’s risk. If your bicycle is stolen the university is not responsible for replacing it. Bicycles can be insured through your home or renters insurance. If you have a very expensive bicycle and/or you want personal accident insurance, you could consider a specialist insurer like Peddle Power
  • Keep a record: Record the serial number, make, model, size, colour, number of gears, and the value of the bicycle (keep your receipt). Take a photograph of your bicycle, especially of any unique features. This information will assist the police in recovering your bike if it is stolen, and assist you in dealing with your insurance company.
  • Register your bicycle: Kamloops RCMP have partnered with Project 529 Garage, a community-based registration and recovery initiative. You can register your bike’s details online and order a frame label that provides permanent identification. If your bike is stolen, Project 529 will help you make reports to the police and insurance company, and broadcast your bike’s details on social media.