Safety Plans

Information on this page is subject to change and was last updated Oct. 27, 2020.

As part of BC’s Restart Plan, employers are required to develop and maintain safety plans. This includes post-secondary institutions.

These COVID-19 safety plans outline the policies, guidelines and procedures in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. They follow the six steps outlined by WorkSafe BC.

This information forms the content of our institutional plan, which identifies the protocols that everyone at TRU must follow to keep our university community safe. This includes the requirements for safety plans for all campus units.

In accordance with WorkSafe BC, all units and researchers who are approved to resume on-campus activities (via the Provost or VP Administration and Finance) are required to have an approved COVID-19 safety plan in place and complete all required training.

Winter term safety plans

New or updated safety plans for winter semester are only required:

  • For a new course/program that was not previously offered in the fall semester (i.e. is not a continuation of a fall course)
  • An approved safety plan is in place but
    • the type(s) of activities will change, and/or
    • the number of people working in the area will increase, or
    • a different space, that is not currently listed in the safety plan, will be used.

Winter term safety plans are due to by Monday, Nov. 30, 2020.

Types of safety plans

Updated safety plan templates and processes have been created for the following areas. If you are not sure of which plan to use, please contact for clarification.

Process to create a safety plan

  • Safety plans are created by managers and deans in consultation with their staff.
  • Send a draft to for review.
  • OSEM reviews and provides any necessary feedback/revisions to the submitter. Once all items are addressed and revisions made (by the person who submitted) OSEM will sign the document and send a PDF version to the dean/director.
  • Dean/director reviews, approves and signs off digitally, then returns
  • OSEM forwards safety plan to the Provost/VP A&F for review and approval.
  • OSEM returns fully approved safety plan to the dean/director for their records and to review with their team.
  • OSEM retains a copy and posts to OneTRU.
  • All staff will require training on the safety plan so that they are aware of its contents. A record of this training is to be kept by the dean or manager.
  • All staff are required to complete the additional training requirements as noted in the Training section of this site.

Process to change a safety plan

Our safety plans were designed to be updated as regulations and directives from public agencies revise or as your needs change. To make a change:

  • Send a request to with the name of the plan you wish to change.
  • OSEM will send you the Word version of your approved plan.
  • Make changes using the tracked changes function and return to OSEM.
  • OSEM staff will conduct a review and provide you with an updated approved version.

Units that have continued to operate throughout the pandemic or those (including researchers) who have been granted on-campus approvals during the summer semester using the existing safety plans will not need to create new plans unless their operations have changed.

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