Provincial Sector Guidelines

Information on this page is subject to change and was last updated July 31, 2020.

Safety protocols for various industry sectors have been published by WorkSafe BC to guide safe work plans for a return to operations. We are also guided by the Go Forward Guidelines for B.C. post-secondary institutions.

TRU’s overall safety plan incorporates the six areas as required by WorkSafe BC’s overall safety plan requirements. Our standardized safety plan templates also incorporate this information.

If your service or operation at TRU falls into one or more of the industries listed below, your safety plans must consider and include both TRU’s safety protocols (as described on this website) as well as those of your applicable sector.

Note: The sector protocols published on the WorkSafe BC website may also contain links to additional resources that reference safety requirements from the public health officer, BC Centre for Disease Control, related industries or a professional college. Please ensure that you review all applicable requirements in developing your safety plan.

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