Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is provided through the Universities, Colleges and Institutes Protection Program (UCIPP).

UCIPP liability coverage is primarily designed to protect the university and its employees against liability claims. As only institution authorized activities are covered, it is very important that any activities that are not part of the regular educational program have documented authorisation from the appropriate TRU authority.

Liability coverage may be extended beyond employees to the following groups but only with respect to liability arising from activities approved by and on behalf of TRU:

  • Board of Governors, Senate, alumni associations, foundations and members of committees.
  • Registered TRU Volunteers — If you are recruiting volunteers you must make sure they complete the Volunteer Information form, which includes details of their assigned duties, as volunteer workers are only covered while they are performing their assigned volunteer duties on behalf of TRU.
  • Students may be covered by UCIPP if they are included in legal action brought against their instructor/the University when they were being directly supervised and instructed in an activity that is part of the applicable curriculum of studies. If the action is only brought against the student, coverage is not provided.