Remote Thesis Defence Procedures

Thesis Defenses

In response to the suspension of face-to-face instruction and to maintain current requirements for social distancing, the Office of Research & Graduate Studies requests that all thesis defences be conducted in a fully remote format.  These remote thesis defences are now open to public audiences, and specific meeting connection instructions will be provided in the email announcements that are distributed to the TRU community in advance of the event. After the candidate's committee has completed their rounds of questioning, and if time permits, audience members will have an opportunity to submit questions in writing using the chat feature.

Fully Remote Defence Procedures

Examination Committees may hold the defence using the BlueJeans platform to ensure support from TRU IT Services. It is the responsibility of the Supervisor to be familiar with use of the application and to organize and facilitate such a defence in concert with the Chair. We strongly recommend conducting a practice run one week prior to the defence to ensure that participants are comfortable using the technology.

You may contact Emily Mullen in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies for assistance with scheduling and facilitating BlueJeans defences with the support of IT Services.

Responsibilities of the Neutral Chair:

The Chair has the authority to discontinue a remote defence at any time if they judge that remote participation is interfering with the proper conduct of a rigorous and fair defence.

If one or more participants is dropped from the connection, or if audio is lost, the defence must be paused until the connection is restored. If the connection cannot be restored, the Chair must suspend the defence until it can be rescheduled.

The student should arrange to distribute all visual materials to the Committee in advance of the defence in the event that audio conferencing becomes the only option available to any participant.

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