Strategic Consultation on Research and Graduate Studies at TRU

Mandate: The Provost’s Office and Provost’s Council have endorsed the establishment of a Strategic Consultation Task Force on Research and Graduate Studies — to help with the implementation of TRU’s Strategic Research Plan (SRP) and to align that implementation with the new Academic Plan (under development) and with Space Planning. While the principal focus of the consultation will be on strategies for successful implementation of the SRP, we will also consider questions of assessment and of research and graduate programming renewal. Our central question is: “With reference to TRU’s Strategic Research Plan, what would “success” for Research and Graduate Studies look like in 2 -5 years.”  Our consultation will address that question by focusing on the following five areas:

  • Strategic planning and implementation, identifying opportunities for aligning strengths and opportunities with TRU’s Priorities, Academic Plan, and Space Planning.
  • Strategies for implementation of SRP in terms of governance and integrated academic support.
  • Strategies for implementing the SRP that ensure faculty renewal, recruitment, and retention.
  • Strategies for advancing the SRP’s impact through student research training, knowledge mobilization, collaborations and community/institutional partnerships.
  • Strategies for measuring success and impacts.
Task force members
Brandon Turner Undergraduate Student
Denis Powers Chair, Space Committee
Donald Lawrence Chair, Research Committee of Senate
Heather Price Canada Research Chair, Faculty of Arts
Lincoln Smith Director, Research Partnerships and Enterprise Creation
Michelle Harrison Instructional Designer, Open Learning
Natalie Clark Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Social Work
Richard Brewster Professor, Faculty of Science
Rod McCormick Professor and BC Regional Innovation Chair in Aboriginal Health
Samta Dhanjal Graduate Student
Star Mahara Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Sukh Heer Matonovich Manager, Graduate Studies and Undergraduate Research
Tina Block Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts
Tom Dickinson Dean of Science
Troy Fuller Director, Research and Graduate Studies
Will Garrett-Petts Associate Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies

External reviewers: Forthcoming

Key documents


The Committee will be hosting focus groups, stakeholder presentations and consultation meetings through fall 2017. A record of each meeting will be posted on this website. 

An internal report will be prepared by the Committee in January, 2018, and an external review and report will be submitted to the Research Office by March 15, 2018. Findings and recommendations will be presented to the Senate Research Committee, the Graduate Studies Committee of Senate, the Provost’s Council, and at a Town Hall Meeting.

Meeting Minutes

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