Job Skills

Minute Taking • XWRK 0950

This course prepares you for meetings at which you have to act as the minute taker. Now you can
eliminate most, if not all difficulties while recording accurate minutes. Topics covered include roles and
responsibilities of the minute taker and the chair, preparation of formal minutes, preparation of
semi-formal minutes and recording action items.

Fee: $100 plus

Meeting Procedures • XWRK 0420

Explore meeting procedures and look at parliamentary procedures as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order.

Fee: $100 plus

Microsoft Office – Fast Track • XPCS 0780
This non-credit course is designed to introduce the Windows 10 environment, MS Word and Excel. The 30-hour course is great for home or office workers who want to learn the basics of these programs but who don’t want to invest in the full Microsoft Certificate program.

Fee: $475

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