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Online Work-Related Training

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Confined Space Pre-entry • XWRK 0880
This detailed and interactive online course provides a basic understanding of confined spaces in the workplace, the legislation that governs them and the hazards associated with entering them. The program explains the concepts, procedures and tools that are necessary for safe entry into confined spaces.


Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) • XCRP 0800
Making sure that construction worksites are as safe as possible begins with providing basic safety training to all employees. CSTS-09 is the only worker-specific safety program of its kind in the province and is acknowledged industry wide as an excellent learning tool for individuals who are either new to the construction industry or have not had formal safety training The 15 modules explore various aspects of a construction job site with an emphasis on being aware of common hazards and how to avoid them. Students move through the modules at their own pace, testing their knowledge of the content through interactive question-and-answer scenarios. Certification is valid across Canada and does not expire.
Fee: $90

Fall Protection Awareness • XOCH 0520
This online fall Arrest Protection Course will guide you through all aspects of fall arrest, from the different types of fall protection, to what personal protective equipment to use and how to calculate fall clearances. Our comprehensive course will explain in detail what you need to know, emphasize key points and test your knowledge retention after each module.
Fee: $100

Ground Disturbance – supervisory – ABCGA endorsed XOCH • 0520
This course is designed for anyone who is supervising a ground disturbance, independently performing a ground disturbance or issuing and receiving ground disturbance permits. The program ensures that personnel are familiar with, and fully understand, all the regulations and variances involved when a ground disturbance takes place. It is presented in a logical sequence – from the preplanning stage to the actual dig. Students learn how to clarify sources when searching for undergroundfacilities, provide notification to the facility owner and receive owner notification. Students gain an understanding of the necessary approvals/crossing agreements and regulations necessary before creating a ground disturbance. They learn to create a plot plan/ site drawing, gain an understanding of line locating and learn about types of exposure. Students will also learn how to do a back-fill inspection, as well as how to use permits and conduct pre-job meetings. Emergency response plans and what to do in case an underground facility is contacted are also covered. A mark of 80% must be achieved in order to receive a certificate of completion. Upon successful completion students will be issued a training certificate valid for three years.
Fee: $160

H2S Awareness • XWRK 0860
This online course will provide information which is required to properly recognize, assess and control hazards that are associated with H2S gas.
Fee: $75

Lockout/Tagout Awareness • XWRK 0600
Lockout/tagout is a process used to help deactivate machinery or equipment that is not working properly in the workplace. This course will teach you lockout procedures and what information needs to be put onto tags. This course follows OSHA guidelines for lockout/ tagout training.
Fee: $60

Petroleum Safety Training (PST)  XWRK 0530
This course provides a general introduction and overview of health and safety hazards and how to control them. It discusses the legal framework that employers must follow and focuses on workers’ and employers’ responsibilities with respect to health and safety at work. This course is designed for new hires to the petroleum industry or experienced workers, supervisors and managers who would like a refresher on safety. A permanent certificate will be mailed to the address provided on the student profile within two weeks. Certificates of completion do not expire.
Fee: $110

Transportation of Dangerous Goods • XDRV 0620
This online course is ideal for shippers, receivers and drivers. It contains interactive elements such as video, animations, engaging games and skill building exercises which will engage the adult learner and make for an interesting and educational learning experience. The focus on elements that ensure the information is understood, retained and easily resourced. TDG certification is valid for three years upon completion and is non-transferrable.
Fee: $65

This WHMIS 2015 online course centers around six WHMIS stories, which bring in real life events, told by real people in real workplaces. The video, animations, engaging games and skill-building exercises will engage the adult learner and make for an interesting and educational learning experience. Our courses focus on elements that ensure the information is understood, retained and easily resourced. This course meets all of Health Canada’s training requirements under the Hazardous Products Regulations, for all persons involved in handling workplace chemicals.
Fee: $65