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Business and Office Skills

Entry Level Business and Bookkeeping Skills Training Program
Delivered part-time, this training can be completed locally in 10 months.
Program consists of eight courses:

1. Business Math and Calculators (optional–recommended prior to taking Bookkeeping Level 1)
2. Bookkeeping Level 1
3. Bookkeeping Level 2 (pre-requisite Bookkeeping Level 1)
4. Minute Taking
5. Meeting procedures
6. Business Communications level 1
7. Simply Accounting–Sage 50

Business Math and Calculators • XBKP 0010
In this 20-hour course, you will review basic math skills specifically related to business documents and activities and develop operating techniques and skills in the use of electronic printing calculators. The course emphasizes business problem solving. Highly recommended as a pre-requisite to Bookkeeping Level 1.

Fee: $375 (plus text and calculator)
Dates: TBA (Oct.)

Bookkeeping Level 1 • XBKP 0600
This 44-hour, hands-on course gives you a grounding in double-entry accounting theory and an introduction to bookkeeping methods and related clerical procedures, such as petty cash and banking procedures. Students must receive 70% to obtain a completion certificate.

Prerequisite: Business Math and Calculators highly recommended
Fee: $475 (plus text and working papers)
Dates: TBA (Nov.)

Bookkeeping Level 2 – Advanced (payroll processing) • XBKP 0610
This introductory course emphasizes practical, day-today questions and tasks encountered when processing payroll. Upon completion of the course you will be able to interpret and use common government payroll booklets, prepare and maintain typical payroll records and documents for a small business, and journalize and post payroll transactions to the general ledger. Students must receive 70% to obtain a completion certificate.

Fee: $475 (plus text)
Dates: TBA (Jan.)

Minute Taking • XWRK 0950
This course prepares you for meetings at which you have to act as the minute taker. Now you can eliminate most, if not all difficulties while recording accurate minutes. Topics covered include roles and responsibilities of the minute taker and the chair,
preparation of formal minutes, preparation of semiformal minutes and recording action items.

Fee: $100
Date: Nov. 25; Saturday, 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Meeting Procedures • XWRK 0420
Explore meeting procedures and look at parliamentary procedures as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order.

Fee: $100
Date: Nov. 26; Sunday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Business Communications 1 • XWRK 0080
This course provides a comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant review of the use of correct English grammar, punctuation, spelling and writing skills. You will practice applying the principles learned in each segment of the course, and reinforce your skills through exercises, assignments and tests. Good communication skills are essential to a successful career in a business

Fee: $475 (plus text)
Dates: TBA (Feb.)

Accounting on the Computer - Sage 50 • YMCR 5150
Learn the fundamental features and concepts of the Sage Accounting software program, and how to design, establish and manage an accounting system for a small business. This course is not intended to teach accounting principles.

Prerequisites: Computer file management skills and
basic bookkeeping skills
Fee: $475
Dates: TBA (Jun.)