XOCH 0850 - Foodsafe

This sanitation program is appropriate for food handlers, kitchen staff and dining room attendants. You will learn about the purchase and storage of potentially hazardous foods, personal hygiene, the causes of food borne diseases and maintaining a sanitary food service operation.

April 23, 2022         8:30 - 4:30
Course Duration: 8 classroom learning hours
Course Fee: $149

XOCH 0720 - Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST)

The Pipeline Construction Safety Training course is designed to help the pipeline worker know how to respond to worksite health and safety issues by taking the worker through the entire pipeline construction process from beginning to end. Successful completion provides 5-year certification.

Available through continuous enrolment
Course Duration: 4 online learning hours
Course Fee: $100

 XOCH 0860 - WHMIS Global Harmonized Standard (GHS)

This industry-recognized WHMIS online training course is for initial or re-certification training. This course meets all of Health Canada’s training requirements under the Hazardous Products Regulations for all persons involved in handling workplace chemicals.

WHMIS GHS Online (formerly known as WHMIS 2015) centers around 5 WHMIS stories that bring in real-life events, told by real people in real workplaces. The video, animations, engaging games, and skill-building exercises will make for an engaging interactive learning experience. Our course centers on elements that ensure the information is understood, retained, and easily resourced.

A final exam to complete the course and a printable certificate along with a shareable Digital Badge are issued upon completion. Free printable resources are included such as our WHMIS sample label, poster, sample SDS, glossary, and a workplace exercise sheet for additional training.

Available through continuous enrolment
Course Duration: 1.5 online learning hours
Course Fee: $65 

XWRK 0590 - Ground Disturbance Supervisor Training – ABCGA Endorsed

This online program was built on the success and content of the current Global Training Centre Ground Disturbance Level II® standardized program. In our opinion, this online program provides all the content of the Ground Disturbance Level II® plus the benefit of some additional information. We are confident that upon assessment by your company this online program would be deemed equivalent in content. It is designed for any party that is supervising a ground disturbance, independently performing a ground disturbance or issuing and receiving ground disturbance permits.

The program ensures that personnel are familiar with, and fully understand, all the regulations and variances involved when a ground disturbance takes place. This course is presented in a logical sequence – from the pre-planning stage to the close out, all with a focus on damage prevention. Participants learn how to clarify sources when searching for underground facilities, provide notification to the facility owner and receive owner notification. Participants gain an understanding of the necessary approvals/crossing agreements and regulations necessary before creating a ground disturbance. They gain an understanding of line locating, including the use of electro-magnetic equipment, and learn about types of exposure.

Participants will also learn how to do a back-fill inspection, as well as how to use permits and conduct pre-job meetings. Emergency response plans and what to do in case an underground facility is contacted are also covered. The practical exercise in the final module takes the participant through the process of building a ground disturbance checklist, using their knowledge gained within the course. Course content includes animated scenarios, expert character guideposts, interactive learning exercises, competency quiz questions, a full glossary and toolbox of regulations, codes, guides, downloadable sample documents and also a defensible final exam.

Upon successful completion students will be issued a training certificate valid for three (3) years.

Available through continuous enrolment
Course Duration: 6 online learning hours
Course Fee: $160

 XFOR 0980 - Basic Fire Suppression (S100/185)

The S-100/185 Basic Fire Suppression and Safety course is comprised of key learning objectives from the S-130 Fundamentals of Fire Fighting, S-190 Safety and Fire Behaviour, and the S-232 Portable Pumps and Water Delivery Systems Courses. The course also includes the S-185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance & Safety. Upon successful completion of the course, students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of wildfire incident command structure, wildfire behaviour, wildfire safety and wildfire suppression.

The S-100/185, originally developed in 1995 for Emergency Fire Fighters, is utilized to train firefighters, as well as industry and forestry workers. The Wildfire Act and Wildfire Regulation, define the legal responsibilities and obligations to which everyone in B.C. is subject to. This includes the responsibilities and obligations for forestry and other related industries to respond to wildfires that starts at, or within a defined proximity of, the site of the industrial activity. The WorkSafe Regulation 26.3.1 (2) requires that anyone fighting wildfires are to be trained and annually recertified.

The S-100/185 is a two-day, 16hr course with both a classroom and field component. There will be a written and a practical exam component for certification. Students will be required to achieve 70% on both exams to pass. Students will be provided an PDF copy of the S-100 Manual. A full list of supplies required for the field/practical component will be emailed to the students prior to the course.

Prerequisite: 16 years of age

Note: This is for initial certification. For those requiring re-certification should register for the S-100A.

Check back for upcoming course dates.
Course Duration: 16 classroom and practical learning hours
Course Fee: $325  

 XDRV 0520 - Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

This course is ideal for shippers, receivers, and drivers. It contains interactive elements such as video, animations, games, and skill-building exercises which will engage the adult learner and make for an interesting and educational learning experience.

Learners write a final exam to complete the course, and once they have done so a printable certificate along with a Digital Badge is issued. Free printable resources are included such as our TDG class guide, placarding guide, emergency reporting documents, and phone numbers. TDG certification is valid for 3 years upon completion and is non-transferable.

Available through continuous enrolment
Course Duration: 3 online learning hours
Course Fee: $80


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