Code of Conduct & Eligibility Requirements

Intramural participants are expected to behave like the upstanding people the university believes them to be. Our leagues are based on the fair play principles of integrity, fairness, and respect. Students found to be in violation of these principles will be suspended from play.

Fighting & Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Any player who uses profane language, makes verbal threats or demeaning remarks directed at any player or Supervisor, or engages in any act of violence (including attempted violence) will be immediately ejected from the game(s) and suspended one game. The Captain will also be automatically suspended one game. All unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with individually by the Recreation Coordinator and Intramural Supervisor. A meeting with the Team Captain, player(s) involved, and the Recreation Coordinator must take place before they are eligible to play again. Repeat offenders (more than once) will be ejected from the league. Future eligibility in Recreation programs is subject to approval from the Recreation Coordinator.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Intramurals are open to current TRU students only. Special permission may be granted to TRU Alumni, pending approval from TRU Recreation.
  • TRU Recreation is Open to All. We are committed to providing an inclusive, accessible, and respectful experience for all of its patrons, volunteers, and staff.
  • Varsity athletes are not permitted to participate in their respective sports during the collegiate year – not just the season. Red shirts are eligible to play unless a change in playing status occurs. Players who breach this rule with lose participation privileges for all TRU Recreation events.
  • Only players appearing on the team roster on IM Leagues are eligible to play. Rosters will be locked one month after the registration deadline.
  • Fill Ins: Teams may use fill in players from another team roster only if they are short on a given day. Walk in players are not permitted as they have not signed the Rec waiver.
  • All players must sign in with their Student cards or Rec Alumni cards every time.

Playoff Eligibility

  • Team must have an average of +1.0 Spirit of Play rating
  • This category welcomes all individuals to participate regardless of gender identity; however, all teams must have a minimum of one individual that self-identifies as Woman, Two-Spirit, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming playing on the court at all times
  • Players must be on official team roster on IM Leagues AND have played a minimum of 3 regular season days
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