Phone: 250-828-5393
Fax: 250-828-5086

Mail Room Overview

Thompson Rivers University contracts its mail service through BC Mail Plus - a division of the product sales and services within the BC Ministry of Management Services.

We are charged for services based on a blended rate meaning we are given a better rate for the mail because we are part of the larger government in-house service for delivery of house mail. Mail bound for Government Ministries as well as many school districts, universities and crown corporations are identified as "House Mail" and must be rubber-stamped as such. This mail does not go to Canada Post, but goes through the BC Mail system.

BC Mail Plus does all the metering of mail for Thompson Rivers University's outgoing mail.

General Information

All shipments must be properly identified with the purchasers name and department visibly displayed on the OUTSIDE of the package. Ensure the vendor understands the shipping / delivery requirements.


  • Letters may be unsealed but must have the flaps down. Please use elastic bands for bundles. BC Mail Plus machinery will seal and post mark letters automatically.

  • If you have a large mail out, attach a letter count to the mail and contact 250-828-5393 for pick up.

    • please put large quantities into a box

  • All outgoing mail must have a return department address (ie. Procurement Services, or TRU World, not just TRU)

  • Flats (anything over 30g or oversized) must be sealed and the out of country letters highlighted.

Small Packages

  • Small packages and parcels must be inspected to ensure they are wrapped securely.
    • If staples must be used to seal the items, then the visible staples must be "taped off". Canada Posts' machinery does not like staples.
  • International Mail Requirements

    • If mail is not printed material, attach a note to the mail stating contents and value. If mail is printed material, no declaration is required. (this is required for the customs declaration) along with phone numbers, address and "To" & "From" to be cleary marked on the package.

    • Out of country returns to vendors must have a custom declaration completed by the TRU mail service.
  • All outgoing mail must have a return department address (ie. Procurement Services, or TRU World, not just TRU)

Note: Departments are responsible to separate "Out of Country" mail from "Domestic" mail.

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