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The company that currently serves the university is Shred It. It comes to campus on a regular basis.

Thompson Rivers University offers two options for shredding.

1. Locked Consoles (confidential documents for shredding)

The service would require a locked console be placed in your area. Documents for shredding are put in this locked container and a schedule is set withShred It for on-site shredding. This can be set on a weekly, bi-weekly or the flexibility of up to every eight weeks. The capacity of the Locked Console is approximately 80-100 lbs.

2. Departmental "Purge" Shredding (including confidential documents)

Box up the items you want to go to shredding.

  • Shredding is to be placed in a closed box. (Copy paper boxes are a perfect size, with the lid on)
  • All records management must be completed in accordance with TRU's records retention policy.
  • Call Shred It to schedule an on-site shred (1-800-697-4733).
  • Print the Shredding Draw Down Form and send to for processing and set up of your account.

Please note that attention must be given to records that contain any personal information as TRU has an obligation under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to ensure that reasonable security arrangements are made against unauthorized disclosure of such information. This means that any records containing personal information must be securely stored until such time as they can be picked up for secure shredding.

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