PSA's are used for Professional Service Contracts (Consulting) to protect the liability, indemnity and limit the risk to TRU when working with Consultants. If you have a requirement that may be a Professional Service Contract please contact Procurement Services for support. Consultant service examples are: Architect, Business consultant, Auditor, Training/Presentation, Translation, Business Review, Marketing, Fundraising, etc.

Check for Employee vs. Independent Contractor

  1. The End User is to check the potential Professional Consultant is not in a conflict situation. Check to ensure they are not an employee of TRU (check address book - Telbook) and if needed HR before proceeding or Procurement Services will help.
  2. Verify the type of work to be carried out. If staff work, (union/association) then this needs to be verified with Human Resources if this work should be posted as a staff position (temp or permanent).

Work with Procurement Services on identifying the nature of the work.

Use the Employee/Contractor check list as a general guide.

If the checklist identifies the work is a Professional Consultant (individual or organization) then a PSA contract will need to be processed.

The first step is to identify the value of the whole contract. Under $10,000 only one consultant need be approached for a quote. Over $10,000 but under $30,000 three consultant quotes will be needed. Over $30,000 a competitive bid is conducted and posted to BC Bid. Once you have established the process with Procurement Services you will be asked to create a draft PSA/Web Req document.

The only exception to these thresholds is academic services (example: creating a teaching program/session etc.). The threshold for academic is up to $30,000 only one quote is needed.

Work must not commence until all documents have been approved and completed by Procurement Services. If you require help please call us at 250-371-5757.

Work Type$0 - $10,000.00$10,000.01 - $30,000.00Over $30,000.00
Regular Consultant Work (Administration type work) One quote or specifications needed Three quotes needed or Sole Source Justification Competitive bid (RFP) or Sole Source Justification. Legal Review Required
Academic Consultant Work

One quote needed only

Competitive Bid (RFP) or Sole Source Justification. Legal Review Required

PSA/Web Req's are completed by the End User Department detailing the work to be completed, commencement of work, expiry of contract, milestone payments, achievable, cost breakdown and location of the work. Once completed the PSA needs appropriate approvals.

Follow these steps to create a PSA.

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