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P Card



Credit cards may be issued to ongoing employees of TRU. P Card applications must identify the default budget (fund, org) that the expenses will be applied against. The budget signing authority for your department must sign the application and forward to Purchasing for processing.


Once the P Card is received from the bank you will be notified it is ready for pickup and a short orientation session will be scheduled. The orientation session will cover how the card can be used, your spend authority (per transaction and per month limits). It will also cover appropriate spend and use of the card. Certain items cannot be purchased using the corporate P card. Examples: dangerous goods, alcohol, jewelry, leases etc. You will be supplied with a P Card Handbook that will explain the exempted goods and expectations (including reconciliation) of being a card holder.


On a monthly basis you will be expected to reconcile your P card. You will have received a step by step guide at your Orientation session. A month of expenses (transactions) closes off on the 26th of each month. Transactions may be reconciled on an ongoing basis but must be reconciled by the fourth of the following month. On the 27th of each month you are able to access and printyour statement. Once the reconciliation is complete the statement can be printed and receipts attached.

Statement Approval Process

Card holder will sign the statement which indicates that all expenses are in accordance with the Corporate P Card Policy. Your approver will review the statement and receipts and sign if he/she approves the charges. Any disapproved charges shall have a personal cheque attached to statement and made out to Thompson Rivers University. Purchasing will deposit the Cheque at Cashiers (Finance) to reimburse the default account. The complete signed statement is sent to Purchasing for review by the 20th of the following month.

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