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Standard Procedures

To order goods and services, complete a Web Requisition and submit it to Purchasing.

Step by step process

Creating a Web Requisition:

Go to myTRU and log in. Click on the "Employee Resources Tab" and on the right side of the page, click "FAST Webreq".

This will bring you to the main Webreq home page. On the right side of this page under "Applications", click "Web Requisitioning". On this page, click "New Requisition" , under the "Requisitions" tab,to begin your order. Please watch the Tutorial under the "Help" tab. If you are still having issues, call Procurement Services at local 5387.

Ship To and Building/Room

These 2 sections need to be filled out with where you want your order send to (ie. Williams Lake campus or Main campus) and what the building or room number is.

Date Req'd

The "Date Req'd" line should be filled in with an accurate delivery or completion date.

Selected Vendor

The Selected Vendor is filled in only if you know where the needed items can be purchased. We will try to use this vendor if prices are comparable to those offered by other sellers. Click "Save Requisition".


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Attach Additional Information" to access attachments/Quotes. This is where you will attach any scanned backup that Purchasing will require to process your order.


The Comments section of the form should be filled in as specifically as possible. For example, if you wish to order a desk, it would be rather vague to request "1 desk" when you really would rather have "1 double pedestal, 30" x 60", 2-drawer steel desk of medium quality". If you have seen the items you wish to order in a vendor's catalogue, mention the catalogue, the page number and even the vendor's product code. We may not necessarily purchase from this source, but this information will certainly give us specific instructions as to what you desire.

Item Commodity Description

If you know the commodity code, please enter it in. Be as detailed as you can about the item you wish to order. Fill in the quantity/Unit and Unit price to get the final amount.

Accounting line for Commodities

Fill in the Fund, Orgn, Acct, Prog (999999) and Actv (if you have one) and click the save icon on the right side of the code line.

Remember to hit the SAVE button on the upper-right side of the Web Req page or some of your information may be lost

Send for Approval

To send to a supervisor for approval, click"Send for Approval"at the bottom right of the screen. In the"Employee" box find the person's name you need, and hitthe "Submit" button on the bottom of the page. If you have signing authority, simply click the box beside "send directly to Purchasing".

In Purchasing, we do not have the time to determine if the account code is one that can be properly used to make such purchases. We believe the accuracy of the account number is the responsibility of the signator.

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