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Office Supplies

Corporate Express Staples Account Request Form

There are two methods of purchasing your basic office supplies.

The following items must be ordered through Procurement Services:

  • Furniture
  • Office equipment, faxes, copiers or computers
  • Water, Juice, & Pop

Method One — Corporate Express/Staples Online Orders


You can browse the online catalogue without having an account set up. To place an order and see specific TRU pricing you must be set up with an account.

Placing an Order

To request an account complete the Corporate Express/Staples Acount Request form and forward to or send in interdepartmental mail.

Returning Goods

If you need to return a product go online at and click on the order tabto access the drop down menu. Click on returns and follow the steps and request an MR# for the pickup.

Any item for return must be returned complete and in its original packaging including all manuals and accessories etc. Technology items must be unopened.

Write on the outside of the box "Staples Return" and tape a copy of the Staples Return Authorization form to the outside of the box for processing and send to the Warehouse for pickup by Staples.

Missing Goods

Goods missing and listed on the packing slip - Phone Staples and they will send the missing item right away.

Goods missing from original order not on packing slip - If the item is not needed immediately, reorder it with your next order.

Damaged Goods

Goods that have arrived damaged should be sent to the Warehouse with one (1) copy of the packing slip to be returned for credit. Notify Staples of the damage and ask them to send a replacement and let them know the damaged item will be returned to the Warehouse for pickup.

Always keep a copy of your online order and packing slip to compare to.

Method Two — Ordering from Procurement Services

Values in excess for your spend authority or complex requirements, are to be ordered using a web requisition. Send the completed and signed web requisition to Procurement Services for processing.

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