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Non Standard Procedures

There are several ordering/purchasing situations that require you to follow special procedures.

  • Computers, Laptops, Technology Items and Software
  • Furniture and Office Furnishings
  • Vehicle and Bus Leases
  • Printing Services
  • Petty Cash

Computer Hardware, Software and Accessories

The Procurement Department relies on the expertise of Information Technology Services when it comes to ordering computer hardware, laptops, software, and accessories. The staff in Information Technology Services make recommendations to our department regarding makes, models and specifications. They also evaluate software programs on an on-going basis and ensure compatibility with TRU systems.

  1. Send a Web Requisition to IT Services requesting the purchase of computer hardware, software and accessories. Include the make, model and cost of the product on the Web Requisition.
  2. IT Services will review and send the Web Requisition to Procurement Services to order the new product on behalf of TRU.
  3. The product will be received by the Warehouse and it is to be sent to IT Services, where it is logged, tested and then distributed out to the requestor.

If you have questions regarding the above procedure, please email: IT Services Desk at

Furniture and Office Furnishing

All office furniture (desks, chairs, bookcases, file cabinets etc.) are to be purchased via Procurement Services. This is to ensure the purchase is commercial quality, is ergonomic and fit the install requirements of IT Services and Facility Services. TRU has several preferred vendor agreements with local companies who will work closely with you to obtain the best fit and function for you and your space.

Vehicle and Bus Leases

BUS LEASE: TRU have a preferred agreement with a bussing company that gives reduced rates and offer various sized transport vehicles that will work for most requirements. Please contact Procurement Services for details. TRU prefer to use bussing services as individual leasing agreements for vehicles of 10 seats and over require $10,000,000 insurance coverage.
VEHICLE LEASE: Please provide a Web Requisition to Procurement Services outlining the type of vehicle required and term of the lease. Procurement will work with vehicle dealerships to locate the vehicle, arrange the lease and help support the process of insurance and documentation.

Printing Services

Letterhead and Envelopes

Print Shop Services on Kamloops campus offer a wide range of printing needs and work closely with Creative Services to standardize graphics and logos. For print services that the Print Shop are not able to supply please complete a Web Requisition and send to Procurement for sourcing. If you have a sample of the booklet or brochure you wish printed please ensure this is also sent to Procurement to ensure the quality and standardization of your needs are met.

Each division is responsible for their own letterhead and envelopes with their department information printed on them.

Personalized stationery

Before you go out and get any material printed from an internal or external printing company, contact Creative Services ( to update print proof.

Please order your department stationery directly from the TRU Print Shop.

Graphic Standards

The identity of Thompson Rivers University, and the use of our names, marks and acronyms are protected by registration under section IX of the Canadian Copy Right Act. They may not be used without our permission and may not be applied to the commercial articles for resale without our approval. The administration of the graphic standards is done through the TRU Creative Services Department. A proof of all the products or merchandise that includes our graphic identity, names, marks and acronyms must be emailed to TRU Creative Service Department at for approval.

Petty Cash Purchases

Petty cash is designed to take care of small, one time purchases costing under $100.00. These situations are best handled by paying cash for the items and then seeking personal reimbursement through the Petty Cash system. A receipt is required for reimbursement.

Please call Procurement Services if you have any questions.

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